What It Treats – This is an antiseptic that is very useful for rendering “first aid” if a fish has a bacterial infection or to treat an open wound. It can also be used as part of a “three step program” for treating Marine Velvet Disease:

1) 5 minute freshwater dip
2) 90 minute acriflavine bath
3) 30 days of copper or Chloroquine phosphate in a Quarantine Tank (QT)

There is some anecdotal evidence that a 90 minute bath using Ruby Reef Rally, followed by transfer into a sterile Quarantine Tank, can clear Brooklynella aka clownfish disease. However, it is unclear whether the acriflavine or formalin Rally contains is the exact reason why. In any case, followup treatment using metronidazole in a QT is highly recommended for brook.

How To Treat – At present time, only one aquarium product is readily available which contains acriflavine: Ruby Reef Rally. It also contains aminoacridine (another antiseptic) and a small amount of formalin. I personally use Rally as a 90 minute bath, temperature controlling the water and providing plenty of aeration by using an air pump & air-stone. Ensure salinity, pH and temperature of bath & QT water match perfectly. Dosage is ~ 1 teaspoon of Rally per gallon of bath water.

Pros – Effective “pre-treatment” before fish is placed in QT with copper, antibiotics, etc.; milder/safer alternative to using straight formalin (37% formaldehyde).

Cons/Side Effects – Turns the water an orange-brownish color, so probably not desirable for Quarantine or Display Tank use. Full range of positive effects and possible side effects are not completely understood at this time.