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    much faster and different bristleworm like worm

    Go ahead! What's interesting is I pulled 2 whelks off my glass earlier today. To my knowledge I've never seen any in any of my tanks. I also realized it's been some time since I've seen a stomatella anywhere..
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    Question of the Day Halloween

    Doesn't the blue glow give all your scrounges away? Take some of your extra pvc and make a candy chute!
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    much faster and different bristleworm like worm

    I think it has been identified... "First thing to note: These guys are bad guys… If you have one, you need to try and get it out of your tank. Oenone fulgida, also known as The Orange Worm and Clam Worm, is a predatory marine worm that preys on snails, molluscs and clams. Some aquarists report...
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    much faster and different bristleworm like worm

    So yes I know there are millions of types of these worms, but pretty much all the ones we have in our tanks are the same. With that in mind I put a regular bristleworm beside. I'm pretty sure I injured it getting it out of my frag tank. It was moving much faster then a regular bristleworm.
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    Other 35? Gallon Hex build - a tank I got in 2021 build in 1991!

    Update : The peculas did not want to cooperate for a photo but they are still very much bonded and hopefully soon mated. The only coral to do bad is the lepto that bleached out at 85. It's not dead so I've left it and put a new healthy one just above it so we'll see what happens.
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    Question of the Day Halloween

    Usually we do, but not this year. House is a mess with a floor reno slowly slowly taking place. We don't get any kids to our door anyway living in the country and haven't really felt like celebrating holidays lately. Sounds grim but maybe we'll get the renos done eventually. I did find one...
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    Banggai holding eggs!

    They definitely laid eggs again today, I can see what's left still attached to the female and the male's jaw is huge. Hoping this time he can stop himself from swallowing them. I have been feeding them a ton of pe mysis and lrs several times a day.
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    Question of the Day Where do you

    I open my boxes of random plumbing parts and junk and base the plans on my available junk I have in stock. I wish I planned better but I rarely do. I am always amazed at people sketching out things in 3d, planning sometimes for years, often for months. I just set things up asap and go from...
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    Question of the Day Where should you locate your tank?

    It makes sense for your fish to go to bed at the same time as you roughly.
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    Waterbox Esther's Mixed Reef Wonderland // Waterbox 220.6 Reef Pro

    Don't say that! In my experience wrasses will break your heart, but they aren't particularly long lived fish either. That being said unless a bomb went off I doubt both would jump and injure themselves at the exact same time. If they aren't coming out for food the odds probably aren't great.
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    112 gallon soft coral dominated mixed reef journal from 2006-202x?

    Basically I have twice as many corals as I should have in a tank this size. It's very hard to re-aquascape this tank because there is no where to put things when moving things around, corals are grown over multiple rocks, since it's a lot of softies and puffy lps it can appear they have...
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    Najer's Zen twins and baby puddle.

    Thanks! I see it now, but when I first saw it my mind was drawn to thinking it was a lepto. I love all the weird lower light encrusters and platers.
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    Show Off Twice in a row, fedex goofed (but it worked out)

    Airport to airport for items this important!
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    Why the name "chalice" sucks - newbie mistake

    After doing some re-arranging I placed these 2 together. I should have realized they were different species but I have limited space, they were already pretty close together and thought they'd be okay like this. Whoops. Obviously they are different species, but when you're standing on a stool...