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    Who's ready to do some shopping?

    I can attest the that hoodies are extremely comfortable! Love mine. Perfectly timed for the colder New England months.
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    My First QT, A Journal

    My yellow tang did this when I QT'ed it. I ended up posting here in a panic thinking something was wrong and spent days with my somach in knots thinking he was a gonner. Turns out he just wanted none of my :poop: and was fine when I wasn't around 😂
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    My First QT, A Journal

    You are a gentleman AND a scholar. I've been itching for something cheap and simple for the Coral QT that doesn't require me manually topping off all the time.
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    Gem Tang laying on side following FW Dip

    Glad to hear the ammonia dropped. I'm crossing my fingers your fish pulls through!!
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    Giveaway Premier Reefs QT'd fish giveaway

    sign me up please! Very generous of you!
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    My First QT, A Journal

    I've gotta ask about the Fiji bottle - what is that?
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    Question of the Day Most overrated fish, what is it?

    Cardinalfish and Squirrelfish. Cardinals are so boring and the eyes of Pajama Cardinals and Squirrelfish are absolutely terrifying. Would probably agree with clownfish being the most overrated next.
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    Gem Tang laying on side following FW Dip

    Just a few quick observations; I'm not as experienced as the experts here but: 1. How big is that tang? 12g seems small for that fish; when I QT'ed a yellow tang in a 20g QT I really pushed the limits and saw similar twitching that I now think was related to a lack of swimming space. Fully grown...
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    UV Sterilizers, which to choose and why?

    How about the 8W or 15W Hangers? I've got a 20g long coral QT I want an added layer of protection for when it comes to Uronema and Velvet. Reducing troublesome biofilm would be an added bonus...
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    Why? Why can't you just leave things alone!

    What sketch/model software are you using? I don't have a SolidWorks license at work anymore and I don't want to fork out the $ for one myself LOL
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    QT Procedures

    Just wondering - any reason why the fish don't receive a metro bath for external parasites?
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    Will Your Fish Plan Work? Post Here I'm Here To Help.

    Would like to get some feedback on my future stocking plan. Have a 120g future reef stocked w/ 3 lyretail anthias, 1 lineatus fairy wrasse, 1 yellow tang. CUC includes a cleaner shrimp, two hermits and some astrea and turbo snails. I have one frogspawn coral ATM. I plan on adding corals of all...
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    Question of the Day Activated Carbon

    As far as carbon is concerned, is this the Rox you're all referring to? $90 per container?! 😱 AquaMaxx ROX 0.8 Carbon Filter Media - 2 Quart
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    Reducing nitrates

    Thank you for the advice! I actually don't know my immediate NO4 level since I'm in the same boat as every other poor shmuck that bought a Hannah Nitrate Checker and now I can't get reagent. I have a Salifert test on the way. Last I checked (about two weeks ago) they were around 42ppm. I feel...
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    Safely mitigating rust

    Thanks, all! I'll let you know how it goes!