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    HELP White blotches on Anthia

    Hey all, I spotted that one of my longfin anthia look a bit sad this morning, there seems to be white patches all over the fishes fins and body. This is the best picture I got: The fish also seems to keep it's mouth open all the time. It looks bacterial to me, I'd love some second thoughts...
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    Swim bladder issue or just weird fish?

    Hey all, I've got 4 longfin Anthias (Pseudanthias ventralis) going throgh QT right now. I've had them since Thursday, all 4 look good. I've seen white stringy poo so I'm dosing GC laced food every 3 hours and I've treated with Metro based on research on this forum. However, I have 1 weird...
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    HELP Growth on Coral Beauty

    Hey all, On Friday I bought a coral beauty, since then I've noticed some white growths on it's head that were not there before. I'm hoping to get an ID on what they are so I can treat them properly. I began CP protocol #1 2 days ago, I only noticed these growths today. Sorry for the poor...
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    Leopard Wrasse Quarantine

    Hey all, I'm considering a tri of Leopard Wrasse and I'm looking for some advice on getting them through quarantine. To avoid confusion as I know "Leopard Wrasse" is many different wrasse's, these are the ones I want: I've heard they are difficult to get through copper and I don't believe...