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  1. Jessican

    Sale on fish meds

    I don’t know if anyone needs fish meds right now, but FishMoxFishFlex sent out a 15% off code (FREEDOM), good through Wednesday. They’re a good source for antibiotics and dewormers.
  2. Jessican

    Fish cam

    Who wants to see some live action fishes? Reefer 525 Reefer 170 Reefer Nano IM10 NUVO Enjoy! :)
  3. Jessican

    Peroxide (H2O2) dosing for parasites in reef tank

    *** The information contained here is only EXPERIMENTAL at the moment. Use at your own risk!!! *** Disclaimer: I am in no way advocating this as a replacement for prophylactic quarantine or treatment in a hospital tank for active outbreaks. I think the decision to try to manage an outbreak in...
  4. Jessican

    Blackcap basslet fin and gill clippings

    Unexpectedly lost another fish today. The basslet has always been pretty reclusive, so I didn’t see him much anyway, but today I found him in the claws of a hermit crab. In some good news (I suppose), I didn’t see any evidence of flukes after a 5 min freshwater dip. Some slide photos are below -...
  5. Jessican

    Algae ID

    This rusty-colored film algae (it’s not cyano) is driving me crazy, so I put some under the microscope. I think it’s just diatoms, although I don’t know why those would’ve suddenly decided to resurface. Can anyone confirm?
  6. Jessican

    Molly necropsy (warning: graphic)

    So the molly that was in the tank with the velvet and/or brook infection, which I've been treating with peroxide for the past 1.5 months, died today. So, for science, I played fish pathologist. Video of a gill clipping - I don't really see much of anything here that indicates he died from...
  7. Jessican

    Happy possum wrasse

    The possum wrasse that I picked up on Saturday is doing great, happily swimming around picking at pods in his tank. Those white spots you see aren’t on him, they’re pods on the glass that he hasn’t gotten to yet :LOL: Thank you for the healthy fish, @baybridgeaquarium, I’m looking forward to...
  8. Jessican

    Skin scrape

    So I unexpectedly lost one of the cardinals that moved from QT to DT today. She was fine this morning, but I found her being munched on by the hermit crabs this evening. I haven’t examined the possum wrasse yet because the dissection kit I ordered won’t be here until tomorrow, but I took the...
  9. Jessican

    Let's play what's eating my clownfish - brook, velvet, bacteria, or all of the above?

    Figured I'd start my own thread on this, instead of continuing to hijack the Antibiotic sticky while I try to figure this out. About a month ago, I saw streaky spots on my royal gramma, and he was flashing a bunch against the rocks. I suspected velvet, so I caught all of the fish (2 percula...
  10. Jessican

    What am I dealing with here? (Dosing H2O2 in the DT to treat parasites)

    Latest update (3/2) in this thread: H2O2 in DT sticky —————————————————————— I thought I was dealing with velvet, but now I'm not so sure... Sorry for the novel, trying to be thorough. 🙂 I've dealt with velvet once before. Lost 8 out of 14 fish between 2 tanks within the span of a couple days...
  11. Jessican

    Ammonia in QT

    I just set up two fresh 20g QT systems last night. Tank 1, containing two baby percula clowns, two banggai cardinals, a royal gramma, and a possum wrasse, is treating a suspected velvet outbreak. Tank 2, containing a baby tomini tang, an exquisite wrasse, and a lubbock's wrasse, is prophylactic...