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    The impossible Royal Gramma!

    I would be interested to know if any of you have had the kind of trouble that I have had in trying to quarantine and medicate several Royal Grammas. These should be a hardy fish that is easy for any beginner to keep, but I guess that I have only been able to buy sick ones. My goal was to get...
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    Stringy white poo starting up after feeding General Cure soaked food

    I am just a "newbie" with this whole quarantine and treatment method, but I am learning a lot from you great guys (and maybe gals) and do things to give the best chance of success. I am not sure if General Cure is getting the job done for my fish as some of my fish don't seem to be developing...
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    Preparing aquarium for second batch of CP treatment

    I just finished a 10 day CP quarantine on a batch of fish using a 45 gallon aquarium. I used an Aquaclear 70 HOB filter with sponge pad only and dosed some BIO-Spira to help with the ammonia control. Before adding the fish, I dosed the CP to 25 mg/gallon and on day two I dosed more CP to bring...
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    Time to euthanize my yellow tang?

    Several weeks ago my yellow tang ceased doing well. He lost his appetite and I haven't seen him eat anything (nori sheets, LRS frozen, pellets) for weeks. I dosed the tank that he is in with General Cure and have been feeding General Cure to the tank. His tank mates all appear to be healthy...
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    Leopard Wrasse Quarantine

    I have never had a leopard wrasse before, but I understand that they are extremely delicate. What are the best quarantine procedures for one of these beauties? My LFS has a small female ornate for sale. Thanks for your replies!
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    Ick or something else in yellow tang

    I purchased a 90 gallon reef system in 2017 that had been up and running for 5 years. It came with a yellow tang, a chocolate tang, a Kaudern's cardinal fish, three yellowtail damsels, one blue-green chromis, and a Bartlet's anthias. I have never seen any signs of ick on these fish until a...
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    Testing for Copper Level

    I have read through the forum and it looks like the ATI copper test kit is preferred for Copper Safe medication. I am wondering if the Hanna Instruments High Range Copper tester is okay or even better to use?