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  1. don_chuwish

    Dinos in my Cyano

    Not surprised given my recent low nutrients, but I'm having a slight dino outbreak, with a tiny bit of cyano on the side. Not too worried, but the microscope shots are fun so I thought I'd share. Amphidinium Dinos Dinos swimming among the cyano (spirulina I'm pretty sure): and
  2. don_chuwish

    Aqueon 60G Breeder - perfect frag tank?

    Walking through Petco today I noticed a stack of tanks: 75G, 40B, and at the bottom, a 60B. 48L x 18W X 16H. According to Reef Builders it's a new size. I had been considering a 50G ZooMed Low Boy at 48x24x10 but that 10" seemed just a bit too shallow. I have a 48x24 stand already and having 6"...
  3. don_chuwish

    Coral encroachment

    I have a few areas where growth has been good enough that corals are encroaching on one another. I've seen so many packed tanks, corals side by side with seemingly no issue. But I worry. 120G - GARF Bonsai and another acro being encroached on by a rapidly spreading zoa colony 25G - "Seasons...
  4. don_chuwish

    Fragging fish

    Three times now my large GARF Bonsai colony has been neatly fragged by my fish. Gotta be either the Scribbled Rabbit or Hippo but I haven't seen it happen. Just notice the broken branches after the fact. Anyone else get help in pruning colonies this way?
  5. don_chuwish

    For Sale Oregon 2 x AI Hydra26HD (black) + 3DReefing diffusers

    Both lights in perfect working order. Includes diffusers made by 3DReefing. $225 shipped (each) or $400 for both shipped together.
  6. don_chuwish

    For Sale Oregon 2 x Tunze Turbelle nanostream 6055 + Apex control cable

    These have been running reliably and have been well maintained for about 5 years. I loved the controllability via Apex and would be happy to share some code. All cleaned up and ready to go. Will also include a spare impeller. Specs from Tunze's product page: Flow rate: 1,000 to about 5,500 l/h...
  7. don_chuwish

    Anyone else do their own car maintenance?

    I like to do my own automotive maintenance. Mainly because I enjoy learning how to do a specific task, then doing it and having that sense of satisfaction. But also because then I know it was done correctly. Too many horror stories about shops doing it wrong, not actually doing it at all, etc...
  8. don_chuwish

    Received my first FisHotel order today

    The box arrived at my local FedEx at 9:50am and I was there to pick it up at 10:10am. Got home with them and was in a bit of a time crunch because I had to be somewhere at noon. But I have to say, this was the most stress free fish addition I've ever had. I basically floated the bags for 20...
  9. don_chuwish

    MH Is this enough for a 40B?

    We were shopping at a salvage building supply place today and I saw this. Not even sure what kind of bulbs it uses but man was it beefy!
  10. don_chuwish

    Hanna Nitrate high vs low range

    Does anyone have experience with either or both? I've read elsewhere that the LR is a pain in the rear to use but the HR is much simpler. But since I'm typically <4 lately I dunno if the HR will work for me. I'm only interested in the hope that it is quicker/easier than my current Red Sea Pro...
  11. don_chuwish

    CRB Oregon Euphyllia paraancora - Branching Bicolor Hammer

    The CRB rules: - Must have a tank journal to show your system can sustain LPS - Please provide updates every so often, including pics, in this thread - Grow out the coral you receive, frag it when large enough, and distribute AT LEAST 2 frags as large as or larger than what you received to...
  12. don_chuwish

    Epic Bay Area Road Trip

    So it all started with @NanoCrazed posting this: FREE: custom handmade shoji doors and panels After a few quick PMs we confirmed that they would work in my house. We have a Japanese sitting room for which I have procrastinated making shoji for 5 years: It's a long drive from southern Oregon...
  13. don_chuwish

    Frozen food arrived late - now it's seafood soup

    My MarineDepot order just arrived - a week late due to a FedEx flub. They shipped in a nice cooler box and I assume it had dry ice in it - but that was all gone. V2O Aquarium Foods Mini Marine Mysis Shrimp Frozen Loose Packed Cubes - 1 lb. V2O Aquarium Foods Cyclops 200g Double Blister Cubes...
  14. don_chuwish

    Sump Sludge Critters

    So I got my birthday present: AmScope M150C-E-A Just playing around tonight I took some samples from the detritus at the bottom of my sump refugium section. Found some interesting critters going about their business - these really make you think about sucking on that siphon hose.
  15. don_chuwish

    HELP Inexpensive lights for QT tanks?

    I have a mishmash of lights that I've been using over QT tanks - the old fashioned 18" T8 hood lights that came with the 15G kits - changed to 'Reef' bulbs - a weak MarineLand LED that came with a 25G cube - an old 50/50 PC conversion kit that fits a 29G But none of them have good enough...
  16. don_chuwish

    TESSAN WiFi Smart Temperature Controller

    My wife bought this temperature controller to use making yogurt and proofing bread: We've only tried it out for a little while this evening but it looks interesting. - WiFi connected, with a good app for controlling & monitoring - Alexa...
  17. don_chuwish

    Article Basic Using a TP-Link Kasa Smart HS300 power strip

    This will cover some basic use cases to start with and hopefully we can expand on it more as we go. I ordered the TP-Link Kasa Smart HS300 power strip from Amazon here: Of course I have a specific use case in mind - my 25G Cube tank was originally set up with just a 4 port...
  18. don_chuwish

    Don't_u_wish - 120G build & rebuild

    **OK, this is going to take forever but I'll try to recreate my 120G build thread. I'll edit heavily from the original in the interest of space and relevance.** I started in the hobby with a 36B - wife's idea as a Christmas present for our young daughter. This was 2012, so she was 11. At first...
  19. don_chuwish

    Bristle worm down the drain...

    **another thread transplant, just for fun** After washing a bristle worm down the drain, am I alone in imagining it surviving, and thriving, in my septic tank and eventually invading all my plumbing and popping up from the toilet as a massive Bobbit worm someday? I am? Really? Well g'night with...
  20. don_chuwish

    Hikari Bacto-Surge sponge filters - sponge only source?

    Does anyone know if it's even possible to get just the sponge anywhere? The whole assembly isn't terribly expensive but it seems silly to buy 4 or 5 of them just to get the extra sponges. I've found some that'll fit on eBay and/or Amazon, but they aren't the same quality - much less dense foam.