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    Another Cautionary Tale About Zoanthids [Graphic Warning]
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    Premier Reefs Review

    Don't hesitate to use Premier Reefs. Their service is excellent. Packaging, communication, fish health, all were on point. I'll definitely be using their service again in the future. I got three Chalk Bass and a Seaweed Blenny.
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    What Scraper Style Cleaning Magnet?

    Specifically I'm shopping for a magnet for an acrylic tank with 3/4" panels. Not sure if I should go with the Tunze Strong or Strong +. Also considering the Flipper Max or Max Float. Anyone have a similar tank and purchased any of these?
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    DI Resin

    Went to change my DI resin and the BRS pouch of mixed color changing resin has been punctured. Toss or use?
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    Acrylic 35's 125

    Advanced Acrylic 4' 125 with stand and Trigger Systems 34 Sapphire Triton Sump, got it for $250 used. It's going to take some polishing but it will shine like new again minus some minor crazing on the seams. No big deal. No deep scratches. Stand is well made just needs some finishing work. I...
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    Crabs, octopus and lobsters feel pain, study says. They will be recognized as 'sentient beings'
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    Damselfish's lips turned white

    Introduced this damsel a few days ago, yesterday it looked like his mouth had a little whiteness I could barely see. Today his whole mouth is white and swollen. Any info on this condition? Maybe he picked at something that he shouldn't have?
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    Fishotel Review

    My experience with @Dierks was excellent. Everything. From the initial communication to the packaging to the condition of the fish, everything was perfect. No complaints. I won't hesitate to use his service again. Thanks so much!
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    Curly-Que Pistol Shrimp (Alpheus Armatus)

    I received one of these when I was expecting a Randall's, IIRC these do not pair with gobies right? They have a symbiotic relationship with curly-cue anemones hence the name.
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    Connect Drinking Water RO System to the Fridge

    So this isn't reef related but I figured I'd post as we likely have some people here who know about this and I'm not finding much info searching around. I've installed an RO system under the sink and tee'd off from the faucet to the fridge. Since I did that the icemaker stopped making ice and...
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    35's 40

    Current FTS: Drilled and painted the back. Made up an ABS square for holding the bulkheads for the plumbing, skipping the baffles for now. I don't want to rush it and I don't have time right now to think that out. Bottom shelf for the Imaginarium stand.
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    Moving Plating Coral Colonies

    I just realized my monti and echinopora colonies will not fit in my largest size fish bags. They're approximately 10" x 8", so I think they'll just barely fit in 5 gallon buckets. If they do I'll use that but I want to have something on hand in case I go to do it and they wont fit. Any ideas...
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    Automatic Fish Feeders

    I'm looking for an auto feeder that can feed a very small amount of very small pellets (0.5mm). Any suggestions? I always see the Eheim feeder touted as very reliable. Dose it work well with tiny pellets and can it dose very small amounts?