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  1. don_chuwish

    Question of the Day What can kids learn through a saltwater aquarium?

    Dreamy! But realistic? Might be more productive to have a variety of small systems.
  2. don_chuwish

    Question of the Day What can kids learn through a saltwater aquarium?

    Engineering aspects of the tank & stand: required glass thickness at given tank dimensions, wood beam load calculation, plywood vs dimensional lumber & combinations thereof, etc. Maybe even steel stand options if they have metal shop.
  3. don_chuwish

    Question of the Day Do you believe there is one "best way" to do most things in this hobby? Or can we be successful following very different paths?

    Reef keeping is difficult, especially for beginners, largely BECAUSE there are so many different routes to success. They'll hear one story at the LFS then dive into forums and get told 5-10 contradicting stories. @Thales' advice to pick a mentor to emulate is spot on. Can be tough though when...
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    Question of the Day How many lights are over your tank?

    25G cube: 1 x ReeFi Uno 120G: 2 x ReeFi Uno + 2 x 36" T5
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    Red Sea Jessican's Red Sea Reefer-S 1000

    Starting to look like a great enclosure for a reef tank.
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    Article Taking Care of Your Gasoline Generator

    Probably a gummed up carb. But to check if you have spark, pull the spark plug and reconnect the wire, ground the threads to something and crank it again. Just be sure no combustable fuel/fumes too close! You should see spark. Then try shooting some starting fluid or even just brake-clean into...
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    Article Taking Care of Your Gasoline Generator

    Thanks! Good time to get attention too, Spring is here and it's time to store them away.
  8. don_chuwish

    Hanna HI736 ULR Phosphorus checker units conversion

    I just plug it into the Apex dialog, for example 100ppb = 0.31ppm
  9. don_chuwish

    Beef Lounge

    A week ago I added a Florida Fighting Conch from ReefCleaners to my 120G - they sent a big one! Very cool critter to watch - just constantly hoovering the sand that none of the snails will touch. Then at night buries itself deep in the sand. On the same order came 60 Astraea snails that I...
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    Question of the Day Do you research before you buy?

    No, BRS was open about the company they worked with to develop their titanium heaters, it was German manufactured if I recall correctly.
  11. don_chuwish

    "Chasing" pH

    A work in progress, yes. Spring weather makes for unpredictable pH days - some are too cool to open up the house and that shows on the graph:
  12. don_chuwish

    "Chasing" pH

    Getting better. You can see the difference in the valleys the past few nights. Higher peaks are just better weather days. As of this morning I've bumped it up to 3L per night, 8pm to 9am. Alk has crept up a bit so I've reduced the ESV Alk dose.
  13. don_chuwish

    Show Off Swedish fish - behind the scenes rebuilding a public aquarium

    Might be smart to get some stone masons involved. They won't be cheap but will get it done faster and better.
  14. don_chuwish

    "Chasing" pH

    There's a 20G one too that you can put wheels on. Only trouble with the Brutes is that they're not translucent.
  15. don_chuwish

    Question of the Day What is the smallest tank you would consider keeping?

    I've 'considered' trying tiny jars even, but haven't actually done it. Once I had a cool DIY 15G system all planned out but never followed through:
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    "Chasing" pH

    $$$ but good if you need it.
  17. don_chuwish

    "Chasing" pH

    I've only seen this 'wide mouth' style at our local 'water store'. Larger would be better.
  18. don_chuwish

    "Chasing" pH

    Yeah my ATO container isn't marked for volume so I'd have to try something similar. I've got the Kamoer moved over to Kalk duty for tonight. Shooting for 2L total from 8pm to 9am. Also set up a 5G container of Kalk.
  19. don_chuwish

    "Chasing" pH

    I've never actually measured my evap rate, but it is much more than what I've been dosing so far. And yes, I've been dosing at night, trying to time the start and stop to match the valleys of my pH chart. 8pm to 9am currently. When I switch dosers I'm gonna need a bigger kalk container too.
  20. don_chuwish

    "Chasing" pH

    Yep, so I have a Kamoer X1 Pro 2 that is currently dosing All-for-Reef on my small 25G cube. I think I'll swap dosers between the tanks since the Kamoer can move more liquid. Just a little frustrating having to re-do the physical install aspect.