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  1. Susan

    Baby acanthophyllia?

    Does anyone know if this is a baby acanthophyllia? If it is-I found it under its mother. I moved it and shouldn’t have. How do you keep it down with it being soooo tiny?
  2. Susan

    Is this normal?

    This is Casper - photo #1 This is Icee - photo #2 And this is Mr Wheeler - photo #3 Icee use to live in a tiny hole in the bottom rock on the left (photo #4). Casper lives on the opposite side of the aquarium. Casper would come over everyday to visit Icee and try to talk her into going to the...
  3. Susan

    What are these?

    Are these snails or what in my skimmer?!
  4. Susan

    New fish from Dr.Reef

    My new babies arrived yesterday! 💗 Neon Gobies x 2 Female Anthias x 2 Chromis x 3 Mccosker Wrasse Thank you @Dr.Reef ! They are sooooo cute!
  5. Susan

    New fish from Joel.....

    Here are a few pics of my new fish I received from @JoelM THURSDAY! They are sooo cute! Two clowns and a golden head sleeper goby!
  6. Susan

    Trying to reproduce?!

    My baby released two “clouds of smoke” last night......does that mean it was trying to reproduce?
  7. Susan

    BRSTV talking HUMBLEFISH ❤️

  8. Susan

    Bittersweet day for me ❤️ 😂 😢

    Here I am waiting for the CP I ordered last week to come in so I can start this horrible two week nail biting process and low and behold - 👇THIS👇 Happened this morning.
  9. Susan

    Does anyone know what this is?

    After I cleaned my sand today this was on my glass. I also had a number of worms come out but my clownfish took care of them before I could take a picture. 😂 😂 😂
  10. Susan

    Versa Dosing Pump

    I had my Neptune dose set up to do my water changes. I made the big mistake of putting it under my tank. That thing is LOUD. I had it setup to do a gallon water change over six hours and it would still wake me up at night. I purchased the Ecotech Versa just as soon as it came out and my husband...
  11. Susan

    SCA 150

    I got my tank in March and had it up and running July 14 2019. I received my first fish (courtesy of Humble Fish) for the tank today. They are absolutely beautiful! First fish: Purple Firefish x 2 Royal Gamma Geometric Pygmy Perchlet Wheeler Shrimp Goby I had purchased a Midas Blenny and...
  12. Susan

    Battle wounds or flukes?

  13. Susan

    Observational Quarantine

    If quarantining with no meds (unless needed), how long should you quarantine your fish for if no signs of disease are present?