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    yellow fish like yellow tang

    Are there any other fish that are as yellow as a yellow tang and also about the same size?
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    Sun or heat after dipping in bleach

    After cleaning buckets and stuff in bleach, we've all heard that you should leave the item in the sun for 2 days. Is the objective of these 2 days to have sunlight on the bleach cleaned item or to just get the item hot/dry?
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    thanks doc #4

    no surprise here. got my 4th shipment from dr reef and everything came out as planned. Fish is healthy and running around in its little prison waiting to be released to the rest of the dt. The package even came w/ a nice ice pack since we've been ahving record 100+ degree heat wave here in so...
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    thanks doc #3

    got my 3rd shipment from dr reef. fantastic stuff. this one was big. lol just need my qt water to come up to 1.026 before i move the fish over to the dt.
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    pest or just normal growth?

    Does anyone know what these little hairy things growing out of the shell on my trochus snails are?
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    QT chaeto

    I was about to purchase some chaeto from Algae Barn and then I noticed this *Please note that while we go to great lengths to treat, quarantine and remove any unwanted parasites, hitchhikers, and other organisms from our macro algae we do not guarantee that this item is completely and totally...
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    Growing algae for inverts

    So i've got way to many inverts in my qt and they're just chomping away at all the diatom and algae that's grown in the tank over the past month. I've been supplementing with seaweed sheets, but i'd like to see if I can get algae to grow faster within the tank. If I were to pump my lights up...
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    another great order

    Just got my 2nd order from Mike. as usual fantastic stuff! I'll be back for my 3rd order when Mike is back up and running in full.
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    sterilize media

    I always have a bag of seachem matrix in my qt. Is there a way to sterilize the matrix so that I can reuse it?
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    QT Inverts

    Was reading up on various threads about QT'ing inverts. Is Ich and Velvet not able to attach onto the fleshy part of snails as a trophont to eat and then lay fresh tromonts?
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    Has anyone heard from Mike recently? I know he said he was going to be gone till early April, but I still haven't heard from him yet.
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    Addition of new frags not resetting QT time

    I've read several ties now that if you add new frags to a QT that already has frags in it, it doesn't reset the QT time for the prior frags. Why does it not reset the QT time for the 1st set of corals, but when you're adding additional fish to a QT that already has fish, the QT time resets?
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    copper and PVC

    Does Copper leach into PVC Piping? I've been using a homemade chiller that runs tank water into an ice chest full of ice for almost a year now. If I were to run bleach through the system followed by fresh water and then some fresh water w/ Prime, would that sterilize the pvc pipes along with...
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    Fish for coral QT tank

    I've got a 20 gal qt tank that i use for coral now. I'd ideally like a yellow tang as a fish to pick off any algae, but i'd have to replace it fairly quickly due to size issues. Are there any other fish that can be recommended as a coral QT fish? I just want the fish for algae and pest control
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    QT of fish disease in coral

    Not specifically fish qt related, but kind of. I've always read to QT coral for 75 days to ensure no fish parasite is on the coral. However, if you dip the coral in bayer or some other coral dip, woudln't that kill fish parasites or are fish parasite egg's also protected from these dips like...
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    hippo blue tang skin peeling

    I've noticed that between just above each eye, it looks like the skin is starting to lighten/peel off. It's also starting to do the samething in between both eyes. ANy idea what's going on here? The tang was in QT for iaround 75 days and it was fine in QT.
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    yellow tang, fins turning red

    My yellow tang's fins have begun to turn red. any ideas what this is? water chemistry is following ammonia 0 nitrate 0.67ppm (max, i do water change at this point 30%) phosphate 0.19ppm (max, i do water change at this point 30%) ph 8-8.1 temperature 78 salinity 1.024 - 1.026 its being a fed...
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    moving fish out of QT to DT

    I just wrapped up a 60 day QT process and was wondering when I move from QT to DT do I need to ramp down the copper, or can I just pull them out of the QT, dip them into 2 seperate bucketes of clean salt water (rinse the copper off the exterior of the fish) and then transfer to DT? I've got...
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    Sterilizing QT before next fish

    if I didn't have anything develop during QT, is it necessary to nuke the system before putting in my next batch? I really like how the seachem matrix i have in it has matured and can handle all the ammonia.
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    Yellow tang red spot near fin

    Does anyone have any idea if this is some type of infection or just normal? It looks redder than the otherside. I couldn't get a good picture but i was able to find a similiar picture online