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  1. Dierks

    More Fish Tomorrow??

    No more Jakarta for this guy. 28.1% DOA. Nope, we don't play that game... Banned from my list from this importer.
  2. Dierks

    Reefing on an Aussie farm

    Oh no!!! Why!!! And how is it that you can just put them on the doser now when we have been yelling at you! Damn it @Laus now you have to hat your tank for 6 months like I just got through.
  3. Dierks

    Sailfin tang with large white dot that leaves a scar

    This is what I seen... I thought its flukes that have chewed up the skin and has caused a bacterial infection, Either way if its at all possible you will need to catch this fish to help him as those secondary pictures make that wound look pretty nasty. Also, the title made me believe there was...
  4. Dierks

    Quarantine Treatment

    Oh wow... Okay then that is much bigger fish to fry!! You are going to have to buckle in and just do some serious studding! I dont even know where to start with large order QT's as that is a whole nother animal!
  5. Dierks

    BTA died … why?

    Mine make it about 3 weeks, then they crawl under the rock. I can still find both of the Nems around but every single time they decide to make an appearance they are smaller and hide again the next day under some other rock. So they get smaller and smaller, and never open up as there isnt much...
  6. Dierks

    Calling All Butterflyfish Owners!

    Yes, I will certainly try again. I think I could have had that guy at least eating Mastick
  7. Dierks


    Dont Zoos all do Formalin? They certainly arent replacing their livestock every 2 years.
  8. Dierks

    Sick Clownfish

    At this stage it's really hard to tell. I can see the small specks but can't make a determination about it. A good idea may be to simply start up the Hybrid TTM so you can do a blanket coverage and get this guy done with QT :)
  9. Dierks

    BTA died … why?

    I have had this same thing, my very first one thrived, so much so I had to give it away. Now I cant keep one alive to save my life. (Rock Flower Nem is doing Great) No idea what I am doing wrong.
  10. Dierks

    Sailfin tang with large white dot that leaves a scar

    Looks like flukes.... Anyway, you can FW dip that fish? When you are done place him in a QT and do Antibiotics.
  11. Dierks

    More Fish Tomorrow??

    More fish in da Box for acclimation!!
  12. Dierks

    More Fish Tomorrow??

    All good, heading to bed now as I need to get up in the morning to go grab fish! Resting.... Resting.... Resting.... Nope, not computing.
  13. Dierks

    Quick Peak into Room 2101

    I think if that Armitage Angel sticks around the Hotel long enough and the 125 gets built he may be living with me for a long, long time :) That is a few months away yet, but still...
  14. Dierks

    More Fish Tomorrow??

    I remember not that long ago panicking about getting fish in. Now it feels like second nature and I think I have only imported a few hundred fish. The process is the same though, and its always stressful no matter how many times you do it. Its just wild when you dont remember that you are...
  15. Dierks

    More Fish Tomorrow??

    Pretty wild life you live when you completely forget you are getting 52 more fish tomorrow. Keep your eyes open, this is another shipment from Jakarta so we will see how it goes. The last batch got delayed from them and it was rough, but I am promised that it was a fluke. Still waiting on the...
  16. Dierks

    Show Off schg's Ultum Nature Systems 45u

    Bingo! The sony can hit some absolutely stunning shots! Just have to take LOTS since I take photos of fish! I am assuming you are shooting these shots under white lights? Are these with the new glass?
  17. Dierks

    Matt’s IM 100 ext

    Holy 💩!
  18. Dierks

    Starting QT again and had a questions about ramping copper

    Also you should post this to the Video of the Month as its exactly this, a video of your favorite fish.
  19. Dierks

    Waterbox Wrangy's Waterbox Wreef - Dungeon Edition

    Nope I banned myself from there a long time ago and have never been happier on this forum :) I like to like people.