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  1. Integrity

    Ouch, patience with shipping saves you money (freight company issues)

    From my cancelation attemp from fiji cube (they let it sit for a week with no movement in shipping, ordered it 11/4 and now I'm paying almost $1,000 to not receive a tank) Roadrunner just replied to us about the cost of shipping and returning. Roadrunner said that the costs of shipping and...
  2. Integrity

    Gluing rocks underwater?

    Will be doing a tank transfer soon and never glued my original rockwork. They now have quite a few corals attached so was wondering if I would be able to use those glue stick looking things underwater to stick the rocks together. Hopefully you know what I mean..
  3. Integrity

    What size uv?

    For parasite control in a 76g tank, plus 24g sump. I have an 18w uv but idk if it will be big enough to help with protizoan control. Ty
  4. Integrity

    Maybe this tank, no plumbing tho?

    So I've been looking around and found a setup that may be doable for me but I've never diy plumbed a tank. Help? Or I could look at a reefer but I like the dimensions of this tank. I'll post a couple of tanks specs and also the sump I was checking out. Ty
  5. Integrity

    Flameback angel up for grabs

    He's a pretty good fish just has a tendency to eat sps and he was a bully to my anthias. Anyone in the Sacramento area want a fish?
  6. Integrity

    Not a disease but fish on brink of death

    So I had to pull my anthias out of main dt because he was being picked on by a midas blenny and flameback angel to the point I don't think he would have survived another night. Even a clownfish took a bite out of him.. so he has a lot of fin damage and was wondering if he needs treatment or if I...
  7. Integrity

    Hammer, frogspawn neighbors?

    So I believe ive read conflicting info on whether these guys can be placed next to each other. I thought frogspawn and hammers could be near each other just not torches but I think I also read elsewhere that only certain types can be near each other? Just looking for clarification as i may need...
  8. Integrity

    Dead snails

    So basically my hermits are getting big and have taken out basically all my snails. I know they like to take their shells idk if they are also eating them, there should be plenty of food in there for them.. I'd like to replace the snails but will they end up dead again? If I get small ones with...
  9. Integrity

    Light acclimating?

    I'm going to receive a Stylophora, Pocillopora and a birds nest and was just concerned about light acclimation mostly. Will place them in about 200par is this sufficient? Will I need to slowly raise light intensity for them? Ty
  10. Integrity

    New clown showing signs of internal parasites

    Got this clown less Than a week ago for my small 9g tank. He's showing signs of internal issues, long stringy white poop, not much appetite and generally lethargic. I believe I have metroplex and focus and I also have prazi. Which would be best to use? Both a possibility? once again a disease I...
  11. Integrity


    Blenny one side of him has somewhat raised and discolored splotches. Was thinking either flukes or bacterial nodules? Idk he acts fine, I have a photo it's blurry tho but best I could do. I can try again if needed..
  12. Integrity

    Missing fish

    My tanks not that big, it's a 53g system. Seen the fish recently, pretty positive she was there this morning. She's a lyretail anthias Just noticed she went missing very recently. I haven't run parameters yet but I just did a wc and will try and see if she comes out for food in a bit. I peeked...
  13. Integrity

    My disgruntled 9g kind of a reef

    Added a mini max carpet yesterday Added acans, mushroom, chalice, hammer and zoas today And Added my resident of the tank Mr clown. Most are still adjusting but just looks like a sad reef right now
  14. Integrity

    Nodule on anthias lip

    Just saw this small white nodule on this anthias bottom lip. Something that may fall off on its own or treatment needed? Ty
  15. Integrity

    Rfa ok without sand?

    Was wondering if it's possible to add a rock flower in a 9g with no sand or does it need the substrate to bury its foot. Thought I've seen bare bottom tanks with rfa but I also read they like the sand so idk. Thanks!
  16. Integrity

    Best or fav coral for back glass

    Was looking for ideas of a coral to add to the back glass of tank. Anyone have ideas or favorites? Was thinking of something encrusting maybe but idk
  17. Integrity

    Any reason to adjust dosing?

    Alk 9.3 Mag 1230 Ca 400 I've just been dosing all for reef 10ml every other day. Imo alk is perfect but the other two may be slightly low. Would it be beneficial at all to adjust dosing.
  18. Integrity

    Diy sump

    Trying to put together a small sump for a little 6.5 gallon cube. Intake water entering first chamber would go directly through a filter sock then on the bottom of the chamber there would be a filter sponge. I'd prolly cut a hole on one side of the bottom of the first chamber wall and then add...
  19. Integrity

    Lyretail anthias signs of changing sex

    Just wondering what signs to look for with an anthias possibly changing to male. I've had a pair of females for about 2 months together, they were together at the lfs, together in qt and together in display for a while now. I wasn't even thinking about it lately but my larger ones tail to me is...
  20. Integrity

    Used small rimless tank

    Hey, I picked this tank up for 40 bucks, I want to use it for an observation tank and then use it for corals and inverts or something. I'm not sure if I trust the panels seams tho. I have it full of water letting it sit over night but would you reseal it from these pictures. I ordered some...