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  1. elementalj

    GHL Doser 2.2 Maxi Anyone interested? It looks real nice though. :cool:
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    This ain't gonna end well.
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    Welp, we tried. Cultivating super corals alone is unlikely to protect coral reefs from climate change.
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    Look at that. Co-existing mangrove-coral habitats have a new global classification system.
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    But, is it "reef safe"?

    Well? 🤣
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    can I get an ID?

    Picked this up at the not so local store. Was listed as a lobophyllia but I'm not so sure. It's in lugols with the little war coral.
  8. elementalj

    Jebao SLW-10

    So, I'm interested in changing out my MP-10's for the SLW-10. Anyone have the cable length between the pump head and its controller? I'd also be interested in an extension if they make one. Ill tag @telegraham for his input as well. My main gripe is as my corals have grown in, I can't redirect...
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    GHL Ion director users.

    How's it working out? You still liking it? Hating it? Pensivly staring at it and having homicidal thoughts?
  10. elementalj

    So, what actually happened to the GHL maxi?

    In light of the new version, and after watching a recorded live feed I've got a crappy feeling. 🙃 Jim Graham said the manufacturer of the pump head made a deal with one manufacturer to only make for them. I know business is business but that's kinda shady to the end user. Anyone got any...
  11. elementalj

    ABC reagents

    Any chance on them making a refill for the KH director? I know chemistry related to my job but I am ignorant on the rest so my making them myself diy might be a disaster. If I could find an easy to understand set of instructions I would jump in but alas I can't seem to find any. 😕
  12. elementalj

    Replacement tubing for dosing heads

    Hey y'all I'm trying to find the neoprene/silicone tubing thats less expensive than GHL. Ive had a quick scan of Glamazon but can't seem to find the right type and size. Any help would be appreciated. J
  13. elementalj

    using ferrite beads

    I'm trying to isolate the noise that's making my salinity probe drift downwards. Anyone use a ferrite bead on the probe wire? On the power supplies? Just a thought.
  14. elementalj

    Manure dosing?

    As usual, things pop up in my youtube feed that makes me cringe at times. The tuber says its chicken manure and I'd assume its for nutrient input but I'll remain skeptical as to what its doing in there. Is this a thing? I don't want to call out the reefer in question, but this seems very very...
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    Ok, last one

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    What a killer fish

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    So so so smart

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    But, are they reef safe?

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