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  1. Rtaylor

    Micromussa or Scolymia…..or?

    Anyone able to ID? I got a small rock with 2 similar shaped corals, but different color combos. The red/orange one is superbright and a single head. The purplish one has 5 heads….so likely not scolymia….. Each one is about 1.5”, with the purple a bit larger given the 5 polyps. Do you think...
  2. Rtaylor

    Hitchhiker Coral ID

    Hi! Can anyone identify this coral? It hitched in on the rock a Porites frag was on. It’s really small, each corallite is like 1-2mm in size.
  3. Rtaylor

    Humpback clownfish?

    Hello. I recently purchased a s.gigantea anemone from a local reefer that came with a clownfish. According to the prior owner the anemone and clown have been together at least 9-10 years and the clown is 10-15 years old. That’s all I know of their history. The clown and anemone seem pretty...
  4. Rtaylor

    Oscar the Abalone

    Oscar came out to remind me he must have 1 sheet of algae per day. Who else has an abalone?
  5. Rtaylor

    Finally found some gigantea!

    Just wanted to share some pics of recently acquired nems. 4 gigantea, 3 of them are bleached, but not 100%. Also found a single baby rfa in my tank, hoping to find more.
  6. Rtaylor

    Transshipped anemone acclimation

    Planning to purchase some anemones from I previously ordered a box in the WI winter, some were in rough shape, then had some major tank issues (my idiocy) and lost a lot of them. I know with trans-shipped fish you need to do a ph acclimation process, is the same necessary for...
  7. Rtaylor

    Mystery Baby Anemone

    Found this baby anemone in one of my tanks. I just swapped some rocks between tanks to adjust my scape so it could have come from either tank. I have multiple of the following anemones: haddoni Rfa’s Bta’s Magnificas H.crispa/malu/ & aurora Lta’s it’s about the size of a pencil eraser...
  8. Rtaylor


    Ok, I bought 3 wysiwyg purple sebae anemones. They actually shipped extremely well arriving mostly inflated with the water in the bags nice and clear…….but… I crazy to think there’s zero chance that these either aren’t the same nems I ordered or someone had a heck of a photo editing...
  9. Rtaylor

    Mandarin with Carpet Anemones?

    Hello. I suspect it’s a bad idea, but thought I would ask if anyone has experience keeping a mandarin dragonet with multiple carpet anemones? I purchased a small dragonet to pair with my male a month or two ago. So small that I couldn’t see the dorsal spine…..she is definitely a he and my...
  10. Rtaylor

    Keeping Orange Spotted Filefish (Oxymonacanthus longirostris)

    I get a lot of questions on my fab five (orange spotted filefish), so I thought I would share my experience with them. Warning, This is going to be long ;) I purchased the first 3 in September of 2020 from Reefbeauties. They were shipped overnight and arrived thin, but active and otherwise...
  11. Rtaylor

    My piece of the ocean

    Ok, starting a tank journal. I currently have a 150 gallon reef tank and a ~30ish gallon anemone tank. I started with a Cvue 40 AIO 3.5 years ago and then upgraded to the 150. It’s from SCA and I built my stand. I made the switch over 2 years ago. Here are some pics of the stand build and...
  12. Rtaylor


    Just thought I’d share some pics of my 3 mags. 2 are pretty small and 1 big guy. I would love to see pics of yours 😀