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  1. Humblefish

    7/16 Current Quarantined Fish List

    Have some unclaimed fish up for grabs. If interested, PM me on here or send an email to Shipping is $50 per order. Blonde Naso Tang = $180 Schooling Heniochus = $120 Longnose Butterfly = $75 Splendid Pintail Fairy Wrasse = $250 Bluethroat Fairy Wrasse = $135...
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    Please DO NOT post any reviews on Reef2reef

    It has come to my attention that reviews/comments about Humblefish Aquatics are being deleted/moved on R2R. I am not a paying sponsor there, so let's respect that by not infringing upon them. You are more than welcome to post a review or make comments here. Even negative reviews will not be...
  3. Humblefish

    Medications to keep on hand

    These are the bare essentials I recommend for quarantining: Anti-parasitic: Copper Power with a Hanna High Range Copper Colorimeter (HI702) for testing. Treats Ich & velvet. Anti-parasitic: Metronidazole (e.g. Seachem Metroplex); treats brook & uronema. Dewormer: Prazipro or API General Cure...
  4. Humblefish

    Coral Diseases & Pests

    Just a few links I know of which discuss coral diseases & pests (and even nuisance algae!) Feel free to add any online sources you know about below. Coral Diseases & Parasites Lionfish Lair's Hitchhikers Guide Lionfish Lair's Algae ID
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    Chuck's Pictorial Fish Disease Guide

    Reposted with permission. With many thanks to Charles & Linda Raabe for creating this wonderful guide.
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    Tang Fingerprint Disease

    I have no actual experience with this “disease”, so everything I know comes from anecdotal evidence obtained online. Probably the best description of Tang Fingerprint Disease comes from this trusted source: This Kole Tang had this...
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    Happy 4th of July everyone!

  8. Humblefish

    What is everyone doing for the 4th??

    Wife & I might be having a guest (from England) coming to visit. The irony, huh? :sneaky: We'll take him to the beach, see some fireworks, etc. What are y'all gonna be doing for the 4th??
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    Sustainable Aquatics White Papers

    Saw this on another forum, and thought I would share it here: VERY INTERESTING READING to say the least. Two links I highly recommend: Cyanide and the Live Fish Business Fish Loss Management
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    How to Acclimate

    How to Acclimate The purpose of this write-up is to discuss proper acclimation procedures for saltwater fish, corals and invertebrates. Improper acclimation is probably one of the leading reasons why livestock suddenly die after being introduced into an aquarium. This inevitable death can take...
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    About Humblefish Aquatics

    Humblefish Aquatics is a small company which specializes in selling quarantined, conditioned fish. My QT protocol is as follows: All fish are treated with either Chloroquine phosphate or copper + metronidazole. This prophylactically addresses "The Big 4" when it comes to fish parasites: Ich...
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    Difficult Fish to QT guide

    Below is a list of difficult fish to quarantine, with specific recommendations on QT strategies for each group of fish. Angelfish (and their sensitivity to copper) I've never figured out if angels being sensitive to copper is a "thing" or not. They do seem to fare a little better in Cupramine...
  13. Humblefish

    Black Molly Quarantine

    Preface - Freshwater (FW) black mollies have been used for years in saltwater aquariums for algae control. However, this write-up will focus on their potential for identifying marine fish diseases present in a display tank (DT) and also quarantine tank (QT). The most important detail is to...
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    How many of you are getting annoying notifications about needing to accept cookies? I'm working on the issue.
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    Missing the LFS Scene

    I don’t know about y’all, but I miss the days of doing the “fish shop hopping” on a Saturday or Sunday. Growing up in the New Orleans area, there must have been a dozen or more shops with SW back in the 80s - 90s. Some I remember: Aquarium Imports (2 locations) Silent World Tropical Encounter...
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    Testing out some different themes...

    ... so things might look "weird" for a few days.
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    Humblefish Aquatics

    This poll is in response to a request for my company (Humblefish Aquatics) to advertise on this forum. I have some reservations about doing this, because I wanted this forum to be commercial-free and not about promoting my business. The only stipulation I have is that any other...
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    New sub-forums?

    Hey everyone, We are just a few days old and my expertise is in fish diseases & treatments. However, if you would like to see more sub-forums added (e.g. Reef Chemistry, Aquarium Lighting, Nuisance Algae, etc.) then just let me know!
  19. Humblefish

    Fallow periods: Going Fishless

    Going Fallow The reason to go fallow (fishless) is to eliminate a fish disease from your DT (display tank). Going fallow works because you are denying the disease a fish host to feed upon, essentially starving it to death. In order to go fallow you must remove ALL fish from your DT. If just...
  20. Humblefish

    Ich eradication vs. Ich management

    Ich eradication vs. Ich management The purpose of this article is to discuss the pros & cons of ich eradication and ich management, and present the best methods for implementing each. Ich eradication - Simply put, this method means doing everything possible to keep ich out of your tank. That...