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  1. lkc

    Hyposalinity Fail

    Hi experts, This guy has been in hypo at 1.008 since November 25th. For crypt. His fins cleared the first week. But he's got either trophonts or something else that won't leave. He's had one peroxide bath. Did nothing.looks like an infection coupled with a parasite. I have paragard, kanaplex...
  2. lkc

    HELP Hyposalinity Water Question

    So, I have crypt....I am on week two of hyposalinity. I have done TTM for years but this time I decided to try Hypo. I removed all the fish from the display and divided them up into two tanks. Tank #1 - 20 Long has a Copperband, a Black sailfin blenny and a yellow watchman. Tank #2 @ ten...
  3. lkc

    Vampire or scavenger?

    Isopod I have found two of these isopods in my reef tank, both look to be female. Also have removed about 20 tiny babies. About 10mm? The last one was found on the Gracilaria rock and may have been eating it because I saw some red in her belly. There are no fish in the tank. Live rock was...