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  1. GoldeneyeRet

    This forum

    I think this place is about to blow up. I was in two not local to me lfs today and this forum was the subject of conversations at both stores. Not just in regards to qt/ treatment , but as a premier reefing forum. Hold on Bobby, its gonna get busy!
  2. GoldeneyeRet

    A tank in peril

    I just came from a local reefers tank. She asked me to come and help her through her disaster. I'm asking for help in formulating a plan as I agreed to help her. It's a 2 year old 300 gallon reef full of high end fish that all look pretty rough. Flukes and ich for sure, proba ly more. Nasty...
  3. GoldeneyeRet

    Nice to see

    Another vendor stepping up to help provide better quality livestock. I will keep you in mind for all future purchases!
  4. GoldeneyeRet


    Hello all, I'm Clark from Minnesota. I'm a professional retriever trainer and have been keeping reef tanks since about 1991. I am glad to be part of this forum as I truly believe in the mission of providing healthier livestock for our tanks. If puppies were sold in the condition that fish...
  5. GoldeneyeRet

    Lactoria fornasini

    Thornback cowfish. Has anyone seen one for sale recently? I've been looking for a year and have had no luck.
  6. GoldeneyeRet

    Microscope teqnique

    I haven't used a microscope since college, almost 40 years ago. I'm looking for some information on technique and supplies I may use in exploring the microscopic world within my reef tank.
  7. GoldeneyeRet

    Identification reference sources

    When I recieve my new scope I will need a guide to identifying organisms I may find. Anyone have any suggestions?
  8. GoldeneyeRet

    Purchasing advise

    Anyone have anything to share about choosing a scope? Im shopping for my first one now...
  9. GoldeneyeRet


    Hi all, it's good to be here! Thanks for the great site and adding the forum Bobby. I'm looking forward to being part of it. Clark