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  1. GoldeneyeRet

    Black Molly Quarantine

    Thanks Bobby!
  2. GoldeneyeRet

    Black Molly Quarantine

    I am getting ready to molly test a tank. I have never kept fw fish so I'm not sure what to use for source water before I start dripping saltwater. Dechlorinated tapwater? RODI? Will biospira still work to start a biofilter?
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    A tank in peril

    Ok, so my plan is mollies, UV, then get the refugium going again. I have ordered a UV, started a QT with macro, snails and shrimp.
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    A tank in peril

    Fish are all doing well, except I havent seen the basslet for a while. No symptons apparent, great appetities, great color, seemingly normal behavior. When I initially dropped to 2mg/ gal /day, it still seemed a bit high as some fish, usually the foxface and the hippo, acted weird(er) lol...
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    Will be testing night mode

    Oh I got it now
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    Will be testing night mode

    How do we activate the stealth mode?
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    Yeah you're right. I'll try to find where I read about it for marine fishes.
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    I have uses it with dogs,not fish. I read about it in Noga, glad you are looking at it.
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    Poor guy needs help fast

    Sorry you have to learn about all this...
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    Dinos or Diatoms?

    Lol, dont ask me, I'm new at this microscopic stuff! I have no idea!
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    Should I be offended or shake my head in disbelief?

    Times are different now. In the past, people wanted to learn and loved to gain knowledge from those who wanted to share it. People were willing to learn things in order to become knowledgable. Today, everyone just wants to look like an expert. Few are willing to learn anything that's not...
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    What dosage are you using for this?
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    Lanthanum Chloride

    I used it on my previous tank with good results. I added it to my ato and dosed that into my skimmer. Go very slowly.
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    Hello from Florida!

  16. GoldeneyeRet

    New member from south Florida!

    Welcome aboard!
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    Molly necropsy (warning: graphic)

    I am very interested in what the clear moving things seen in the gills might be.
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    What be this?

    It's cool, that's what it is!
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    Hippo tang in quarantine help

    Sorry you lost him. You did not fail him you did all you could-more than most do. Best of luck!