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  1. rebels23

    Just Caught Ich in Observation Tank

    So I brought a powder blue home and put him in my observation tank the other day. The second day I notice what looks like ich on him in observation. Can I treat the observation tank as part of the first part of the TTM schedule (Day 1-3)? I'll also have to add that I believe this observation...
  2. rebels23

    Blue Face Angel Marking

    I am stumped on what is on both sides of my Blue Face Angel. It started out on his right side and is now on his left side too. He came out of quarantine with copper about a week ago. It is white and a bit raised? Any ideas? Thanks.
  3. rebels23

    Antiparasitic Effect of Copper Alloy Surface on Cryptocaryon

    Interesting article on using Copper Alloy
  4. rebels23

    No Disease after 30 Days in Observation

    Would it be safe to assume that after observing fish in an observation tank for 30 days, you don't see anything, that the chances they have ich, velvet or worms externally is next to none and thus could go into a display tank. This is NOT after treatment with medicines. This would be...
  5. rebels23

    Hippo Tang Diagnosis

    My hippo hasn't really eaten in like 6 days (he has been eating pellets) and all he does is lie on the bottom of the tank. Rapid breathing and very pale. I am on the last transfer for my hippo tang for Hybrid TTM and just did a H2O2 bath for 30 minutes @ 150ppm followed by a 6 minute fresh...
  6. rebels23

    Adding fish mid way through tank transfer method

    I was wondering if it was possible to add fish mid way through tank transfer method. I would add the fish on the day of one of the transfers. What that does that do to the original fish? I would continue to extend TTM to finish off the newly added fish, but the original fish would come out on...
  7. rebels23

    Naso Tang Diagnosis

    Woke up this morning and Naso is just lying on the bottom in quarantine. He went through a H2O2 dip @150 ppm for 30 minutes four days ago and prazi treatment two days ago. I did a fresh water dip and no flukes. Any ideas what it may have been as per pictures?
  8. rebels23

    Flukes with H2O2 Dip

    I have quarantined my majestic angel for over 2 months now. He was infected with ich and what looks like flukes. I treated cupramine for 30 days and did Prazi pro once. The other week I prepared to put him in the display tank. Before putting him in I bathed him in H2O2 for 30 minutes at 150 ppm...