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  1. mattzang

    glass broken?

    so i bought an innovative marine 100 EXT about a month ago and it sat on my living room floor for most of that time. then a couple weeks ago i found out i'm lucky enough to have termites that require a full fumigation. so a week ago my brother in law and i moved the tank to my garage which is...
  2. mattzang

    Fritz FixIck I can't find anything about ingredients except this: Thoughts? :)
  3. mattzang

    Termite Fumigation

    well looks like I'm going to have to fumigate my house for termites. anyone have experience doing so? i've read up on how to cover the tank and leave it in place, but idk.. that seems so risky. and it'll probably be 110+ when they get around to doing it so leaving the tank in there without A/C...
  4. mattzang

    ORA kamohara blennies

    anyone have a go to food for fang blennies? i've tried pretty much every pellet/flake/frozen i own and they just don't seem to want to eat. It has been a week since i got them so more than enough time for them to settle in, but they just look at food like a mandarin, they sit there take a look...
  5. mattzang

    Reed Mariculture Otohime pellets

    Anyone feed these? I was messaging ORA to see what they feed their fish (my two kamohara blennies are seemingly not wanting to eat 3 or so days in) and they said this is what they mostly feed their fish along with NLS pellets. So I thought well I've heard this is a good food and went to go drop...
  6. mattzang

    Do public aquariums/zoos QT their livestock?

    So there's a large thread on the #askBRS facebook group, basically some guy thinks people suggesting to NOT QT should be deleted from the group. Then in the comments a guy starts posting that he sells fish (his profile lists his job as Quality Marine) to aquariums/zoos and he said the longest QT...
  7. mattzang

    Lanthanum Chloride

    so I just got a triton test back and my po4 is... 1.5 :oops: I got dinos a couple months ago so I removed GFO and just kinda stopped doing anything including minimal water changes. I think I've gotten rid of the dinos? But yikes I'd like the po4 a wee bit lower :cool:. What's kinda funny is I...
  8. mattzang

    What be this?

    not a fish disease, but I didn't spy a common reef pest forum so I'll give it a whirl here i seem to have acquired a decent number of them suddenly. they do move around a bit so i'm guessing worm of some kind? what's most odd is my two halichoeres wrasses don't seem to be interested in...
  9. mattzang

    moving fish to a new tank during QT

    so here's a dumb question (should I just make a catchall thread for all of my dumb questions? :unsure: ) i just got a new shipment of fish, 2 starcki damsels, 1 royal gramma, and 1 christmas wrasse. i put both starckis and the christmas wrasse in my 20g QT tank and the gramma alone in a 10g...
  10. mattzang

    thick white poo

    hello, i figured i'd make an actual thread rather than bump the stickied ones. i'm QTing a china wrasse and it has been through 2 rounds of general cure (dosed into water column). the wrasse seemed to be losing steam last night (really lethargic swimming) so i did a quick freshwater bath...