11/6 Current Quarantined Fish List

Paul B

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I have done experiments on all my fish. But they are so old and I did them so long ago that I forgot what the experiment was and so did the fish.
They just keep looking out the glass at me trying to figure out what I am doing at my workbench with all that light blinking, sparking, whirring, dripping, squirting and gushing noises going on.

I once made a fish "intubation" system where I could pump water through their gills while I operated on them. (I never lost a patient)
Yes, you read that correctly. Not all problems are on the skin of fish and they all can't be cured with Prizapro or stump remover. :unsure:

Of course sometimes they have Obamacare so their insurance does not cover it :sick:

Huff, I live near the Hamptons here in NY and I can't swing a dead catfish without hitting two or three Supermodels.
My favorite, Christie Brinkley lives here too and I have seen her a few times. :love: Of course she doesn't see me. :cry:


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Not all of us can afford Supermodels so I'll have to settle for my $25 camera. Plus I'm not sure what kind of supermodels I can find in St. Louis, retired or not...
I think we supply our used ones from New Orleans to St. Louis. Usually their career apexes on Popeye's chicken sandwich commercials.


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Well, Mr. and Mrs. Potters are getting along much better now. :) Still a little bit of chasing but nothing too serious. I've noticed sometimes the male goes back into his "man cave" (I left the door to the acclimation box open) whenever he needs some alone time.;) I guess its sorta like when a guy goes into the bathroom for 30 minutes to get away.;)

I'll post an updated video soon.