7/16 Current Quarantined Fish List


Dr. Fish
Have some unclaimed fish up for grabs. If interested, PM me on here or send an email to contact@humblefishaquatics.com. Shipping is $50 per order.

Blonde Naso Tang = $180 SOLD OUT
Schooling Heniochus = $120 SOLD OUT
Longnose Butterfly = $75 SOLD OUT
Splendid Pintail Fairy Wrasse = $250 SOLD OUT
Bluethroat Fairy Wrasse = $135 SOLD OUT
Geometric Pygmy Perchlet = $60
Midas Blenny = $70 SOLD OUT
Tailspot Blenny = $40 SOLD OUT
Green Chromis = $10 SOLD OUT
Pajama Cardinalfish = $25 SOLD OUT
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I was thinking something like 5 chromis or so... Less of a priority than the other stuff we got, so I'm more inclined to see how things are once everyone else is in the tank. :)