A little early but Happy Valentine's everybody!


I was over on jawfish side of tank, looking at jawfish tonight. Blenny swoops all the way over from opposite end of tank to land beside jawfish.
Jawfish totally unfazed. They just sit together. Guess this was their "1st date" - on Valentines Day too.View attachment 1286View attachment 1287
You've heard of love at first sight. This is love at fish sight. She's hooked... He's one great catch... He 'caught' her eye... Wait... I've got more...She is head over fins in love! Hehehe.


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Actually they aren't sharing, so that is probably why he is so chill. Every now & then blenny will perch by jawfish. Blenny's favorite cave is on opposite side of tank. He has 2 special lookout perches there.

But...my jawfish in my old tank had a symbiotic relationship with a YWG. They shared a burrow for years. They would sit tail to tail or usually - side by side all day long. I think they felt safer from "predators" that way