Any cat people?


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So, I've got a mama cat that I think is getting ready to go into labor. She's a stray, but my wife & I have been feeding her for the past year and trying to tame her. She mostly lives outside, but we keep her inside when it gets really cold. Anyway, she's been meowing like crazy all morning so I think it might be time to have her kittens (photos below).

We are preparing a "nest" aka bedding for her in case she decides to have her kittens indoors. But is there anything else we should be doing? TIA



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We took in a rescued stay last year. We believe he was run over by lawn cutting equipment in the empty lots behind us. Luckily, he was not impacted by the blade. He was only a few months old at the time and malnourished. We do not know how he ended up there as there are no strays in our area, so I suspect he was dropped off.

My neighbor and I fed him, got him to a good healthy weight. He has since been fixed, but not declawed and he likes to be outside during the day but inside at night. He is hard to grab pictures of because he is so fast, but he loves to balance on the back of our kitchen chairs, front paws against my aquarium glass.

He also does not like my box turtle, because I feed his food to the turtle and I have trained my golden retriever to not let him hang out in my turtle pin lol.


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Well, she ran out the door when we fed the other stray cats. Disappeared. Hopefully she either comes back or finds a safe place to have her kittens. :(
While living on the farm we had a momma cat, she fended for herself mostly but we fed her when we were there.

She gave birth to two kittens on her own and led us to them sometime later, their eyes were still closed but they were clean.

Cats are tough, she will have them where she thinks is the most comfortable and safe place, if she finds that place unfit she will move them. Long story short she will be fine.


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Oh, so adorable! When we lived in Ruston, we fostered a mama cat from the shelter who had just had 4 kittens 2 days prior. It was so fun, and really pretty easy. You just have to feed Mama well and she'll take care of the kittens. I'm happy she came back to you as her safe place when it was time to have the kittens! We kept Mama and the kittens in our spare bathroom and fostered them until they were old enough to go to Petsmart for adoption events. We MAY have been a foster fail and kept one. ;)


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She is so lucky to have come across you and your wife! Hopefully since it's not quite kitten season, one of your local shelters or rescues can take them or have fosters keep them when they're weaned. They'll have the resources for vaccinations for them, and spay/neuter surgeries for kittens and mama...hopefully you have some good ones around you! Enjoy the cuteness!!!


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How is Mama cat & the 2 kitties this AM? Bet you both are sleepy from all the meowing.😊
They are doing well. We put a cover over the sterilite container (photo below) for privacy so the mother would feel more at ease. She came out this morning, ate/drank, and let us pet her. She even stepped out on the back patio with us to get some fresh air. One thing that's making me nervous is she hasn't used the bathroom (to our knowledge) since giving birth. There is a litter pan nearby, but she's not litter trained... :rolleyes:



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Cats will pretty much litter train themselves, it’s in their nature to bury their waste. You might just need to show her once - if she leaves you a present somewhere, have her watch you put it in the box and bury it. She’ll probably get the idea.

Make sure any litter that you’re using is kitten-safe, they will try to eat it when they’re learning to use it, and clay/clumping litters can be dangerous. Feline Pine is a good choice, if I recall.