Any cat people?


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Years ago we found a stray kitten covered in sooo many fleass....!! and washed it in the CLEAR dove/dawn dish soap. The duck on the bottle is real I guess... they use it to wash animals from oil spills.

It took care of the fleas no problem!


How’s the flea treatment going? Glad you’re finding some info on getting rid of them. If you can reach out to a veterinarian, there may be something you could use on a nursing momma. I’m sure you’ve seen that fleas can kill a kitten. 😨 Bathing them might not be bad, but can get them too cold - I’m sure y’all are being extra vigilant! Here’s the worse part of this - you’re going to have to keep momma inside soon. She will be able to get pregnant again VERY soon. You should be able to find a low/no cost facility to have her spayed once the kittens are at least 8 weeks old.

Otherwise? YAY, BABY CATS! Crazy fun.
And the kittens can get pregnant super young as well, from four months I believe!


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I literally housed dozens of mama kitties and their litters when I was a young girl. Some of the cats were strays. To encourage litter box use, I used a couple of drops of ammonia mixed with a little water, squirted it in a single spot in a litter box before. I scrape the litter with my finger while the mama cat is watching, and then gently place the cat in the litter box. If she doesn't immediately jump out before she catches the ammonia scent, her instinct will likely be to cover the spot. Even if she doesn't cover the ammonia spot, she may decide to use the litter box next time she has to go, lured to the box by the scent of ammonia. Cats tend to want to go in a common area. It doesn't always work this way with strays but it might be worth a try.

As far as flea treatments go, I believe Frontline Plus is safe to use on the nursing mother cat (or it used to be), and it is applied to the nap of the cat's neck. Double check the packaging though. Companies tend to change their ingredients over time. Unfortunately, the kittens will likely need to be about 10 weeks old before applying most flea meds. Some shampoos may be used as early as four weeks. Check the labels. You can also check with your Vet for safe recommendations.

Good luck with he little fur balls. They look healthy and happy! Mama cat looks likes she's settled in as a contented house cat now too. :)
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My pup had flees and the original Dawn dish soap. Is badass. U just start at the neck cause they will try to.crawl up.or out of water so wet the neck first then wet the body and run Dawn. U can see all the fleas floating in the sink. Worked great.


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In another week or two you can put the kittens in the litter box with the squirt of ammonia and scratch around it with your finger. The kittens will watch you and soon start using the box! :)

They are too cute!!