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SUBJECT: mid-sized tanks (40g-179g)


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Man, reefkeeping is in a dark place these days. It used to be. You should start with leathers, and then move to harder stuff. And, alot of people would just stick with leather and mushrooms.
I started with zoa’s, a couple Ricordia, and I tried a Duncan. I ended up with a few other random frags of favites and blasto and RFA’s. The only thing that liked that tank was the zoas and ric’s and RFA’s. In the 75 I got a box with some acans, monti caps, lepto, cyphastrea, pipe organ, etc. put them all in and everything was great, then added more acans, torches and scoly’s. The only thing that did not like my tank was an orange acan and a small hammer so I got them to a new home before they suffered. I have a tube Nem that I have only ever seen open once, but I know it’s alive because it is in different positions all the time, figure it just gets startled when I come home from work at night and sucks back in.