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On to the next step! After a long and beautiful ceremony celebrating the life of our recently lost wrasse friend (hosted by a 6 year old)....
I received my first order of Pre QT fish!!! So, after a few months of looking at my "beautiful" aquascape, I now get to look at it with fish!
So, my stock list at this point consists of:
1 x Naoko Wrasse
4 x Lyretail Anthias (1M, 3F)
1 x Magnificent Foxface
3 x Designer clown (Orange Storm, Black Ice, and Unknown)
1 x Orange Spot Blenny
1 x purple Firefish
2 x yellow headed Jawfish
3 x Fighting Conch
? x Snails and hermits


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Unfortunate news today as my Naoko Wrasse seems to have injured his back/spine. He somehow managed to jump into the overflow and took a ride down the emergency drain to the basement sump. He is still alive but swims mainly vertical with his head up. Also just laid on the sandbed last night. I really didnt think he would make it through the night but so far he is still alive. He did eat this morning but definitely has trouble swimming.


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The Naoko is still alive and eating very well but mainly swims vertically with his head up as in the picture. He also sleeps on the sand bed in the corner
......... Upside down. Not sure if there is anything i can or should do for him at this point but if he keeps eating I will keep feeding him as much as I can!


Also had to include a picture of "zipper" Finally spending a lot more time out and about so the kids are getting to enjoy him more.



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It has been a while since any update. So I figured it is time...
The lovely Naoko wrasse has not been seen now for a few days so I am assuming that he has perished and the CUC did their work :(
I have added a group of Zoas to the tank and a few SPS to see how everything reacts and if the tank is ready for more coral.
I am also in a battle with what I believe is Cyano. Currently blowing off the rocks and sucking up as much of it as possible.
Nutrients have all been stable:
Salinity 1.025
Nitrate 8-10
Phosphate .05
PH ranges from 8.3-8.4
Alk at 8.2
Temp 78

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Def looks like cyano. If there is some flow it should go away on its own, assuming the tank stays stable. It will also help to get like a bunch more coral in there