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Here is a run-down of my system plan. I was fortunate enough to be able to add-on a few special accommodations for this build as we were doing an extensive remodel on our house and thus had the walls pretty opened up.

Crystal Dynamic 192 gallon (66" x 24" x 28") Display tank
IceCap 48XL 80 gallon (48" x 24" x 16") Sump
Crystal Dynamic 100 gallon (44" x 30" x 18") Dual chamber QT/Frag Tank


Approximate total main system volume 200g without any of the QT/frag tank tied in. Eventually that might expand to either ~240g or ~280g depending on if I combine one or both chambers of the QT/Frag tank into the main.

Setup / Layout:
The display is in my office and the sump and QT/Frag tank is in the garage. I have (3) 1" and (1) 1.25" pipes that connect the display to the garage sump. I'll be using the (3) 1" for my drains and the 1.25" for my return.

This will be a mixed reef with the aim being to really pick and choose corals carefully and allow them a fair amount of space so ideally I can get some true colonies going. That said I know myself so it'll probably end up having a huge variety of things which I'll constantly be tinkering with.


Stocking Plan:

  • Yellow Tang
  • Blue Tang
  • Gem Tang
  • White Tail Bristletooth Tang
  • One Spot Fox Face
  • Lineatus Wrasse
  • Bartlett's Anthias Harem (5-7)
  • Splendid Fairy Wrasse
  • Divided Leopard Wrasse
  • Marginalis Butterfly
  • Blue Spotted Jawfish
  • Yasha Shrimp Goby
  • Green Mandarin Pair
  • Swissguard Basslet
  • Madagascar Flasher Wrasse
  • Flame Hawk
  • Flame Wrasse
  • McCosker's Flasher Wrasse
  • Helfrichi Firefish

I'll post more about the QT/Frag tank setup in a future post, but it'll be run initially as a separate system to give me a chance to ensure that all incoming corals are inspected thoroughly and I reduce the risk of them bringing in pests or fish pathogens. I'm still working on pulling together a few pieces of equipment and making slow progress on the plumbing, but hope to have the main system wet and all the livestock and rock I've been cycling for the past few months in the next month.

Until then I'm making due with my 15g nano for my coral fix needs.
Ha yeah this is my first bigger system and I'm definitely excited to have more room to play with. That said I originally told myself that it would be nice to finally not have my sump under my tank but then proceeded to put the frag/QT system over it 😂🤷‍♂️

I'll chock that up to MTS and not wanting my wife to disown me for taking over more than just a corner of the garage.