Clown + BTA = 😍


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Once a day too much? I feed brine and/or mysis. Twice a week blood worms for a treat.
I mean I don’t even directly feed mine. The clowns do whenever they get ahold of big enough chunks of food that I don’t manage to grab back from them, but that’s not every day. Once they started splitting they just never stopped.


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Yeah I don’t directly feed mine either but he/she is in a great spot to catch “flow food” so dinner is plenty. I bought a black widow Nem, size of a half dollar. Have 3 baseball sized ones now!


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UPDATE: Clownfish B drank the kool-aid and is getting cozy with the same nem. Is this going to cause aggression issues? It was interesting to watch this one. It started to peck the nem at the base of its foot and it’s very aggressive with the nem’s mouth.