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SUBJECT: Current Favorite Fish

SPONSOR: Premium Aquatics
Winner receives a $50 gift card

History of Premium Aquatics:
Premium Aquatics is a family owned and operated aquarium business. We have been in business since April 1996 and we are dedicated to serving the aquarium hobbyist. We were one of the first online saltwater stores, if not the very first. We started this business in a 10x12 room in our house, then expanded to a 600sq foot detached garage. Now we have moved into a 10,000 sq foot commercial warehouse. Although we did sell the best live rock and livestock for many years, now we only sell product and supplies, along with some unique selections of dry live rocks.

Mission Statement
To bring you the highest quality aquarium products available and at a reasonable price and to provide honest non-bias information on all of our products and our competitors. Our goal is customer satisfaction, we want your return business.

Minimum of a 25 second video plus either a pic/screen caption (needed for the system to pick up for voting)

Only one submission per contest per person. If you post more than one video in the submission thread, only the first video will be posted in the voting thread.
Anyone can participate, even vendors and staff, since the community chooses the winner through voting via post reactions. If the vendor sponsoring the prize wins, then the prize will go to the runner up.

If you win a contest, you won't be eligible to win again for 6 months. You're still welcome to participate, but this will help keep things fair and give everyone a chance to win. If the winner isn't eligible that month, the prize will go to the runner up (assuming they're also eligible).

DATES: Submissions will be active until 8/25/22 9 PM EST at which time we will move on to the voting portion of the contest, so get them submissions!

If you have trouble uploading your video please reach out to me.

All are available to win no matter location

So Let's Get Those Cameras Rolling........
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The one I like I call keyhole. There is another one somewhere in there you don't see I call killshot his pattern is like a sniper scope. Sometimes I think about taking them out, but that's just one more tank so they stay in there. I show the painting at the end just so you know there really is a favourite in that massive pile.