Congrats Rtaylor!! šŸ„³ June Tank of the Month (TOTM) Winner!!

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Congrats @Sustainable Marine for most votes!! Since Tony is across the pond, he has donated his $50 off at FisHotel to @Rtaylor! We will PM you shortly on how to redeem your prize, but if you wouldnā€™t mind telling us about that fantastic anemone in your picture, we would love a read on it!!
Thank you everyone for your submissions and votes!


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Awesome! Thanks!!

Shoot me a PM and I can get you a Code - We can also chat about some fish coming out and what is in the pipeline.

Great Pictures everyone, I love this forum and have been with the HF Family for a very, very long time :) We are proud to be part of it and super stoked to be able to give out an additional $25 to @Flippers4pups as a secondary winner! You know, just because...

Thank you @Sustainable Marine for your amazing picture and if there is anything I can somehow do for you I am happy to do so. Your pictures are simply amazing and I may have to pick your brain on how to get things just so. I am about to have to take A LOT of shots!

Again congrats to the winner(s) and thank you to everyone that jumped into this POTM!