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He was not cheap but I miss this guy everyday. Jumped after about a year :( I was worried about aggression from this guy but it turns out my maroon clownfish terrorized him which likely caused him to jump.


In 2013 I got a bunch of yellowtail demoiselle and they'd beat the hell out of each other but never bothered any other fish. They spawned all the time on the back glass. I only wish I was into fish breeding back then. I have just one left. I also have a small springeri he's by far the smallest fish in my reef so no aggression from him either.
I have 3 Springer damsels. They are model citizens. They are an unreal blue that pops in and out of the coral branches.


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People often make the mistake of purchasing them because of price and hardiness only to regret them. I read so many post over the years of people wanting to remove them.
I have had them in the pass and just kept them. Some are really pretty and different one have different temperament.
I was sold three of these a while back; Neoglyphidodon nigroris.

Beautiful fish. I was also told it would stay this colour. Boy were they wrong. Flat brown. They were also covered in missing scales and scars from all the fighting. They were good to the other fishes but not to each other (or the Tomini tang with a similar colour and shape).

I gave them away.
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Back in the 90’s, that’s how you cycled a tank was with “disposable” damsel fish and real live rock. My first fish was a domino damsel, and I remember that thing being a holy terror. I know I got rid of it, and I think I took it back to the LFS, but I can’t remember for sure. Since then, I swore off damsels in my reef. And besides my clowns, I have kept to that.
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Chrysiptera genus damsels are typically posted by hobbyist as both beautiful and friendlier out of the bunch. So Talbot, Azure, Roland, Starcki, Surge, and so on. Is this true or not I don't know but after owning several in that list I tend to agree they are perfectly fine if the display is setup properly. No different than owning a six line wrasse (gasp).

I currently have 7 BIOTA Pomacentrus pavo, or sapphire damsels and one Azure. The sapphire also go by the name of peacock. BIOTA says they are small but they are actually large. Or the dominate male is. I have a pair that spawn regularly (in fact just this weekend laid more eggs) and this is when they can get a bit aggressive towards the nest area. Outside of that they fine. They shoal up sometimes, mostly spread out over the reef as you would see in the wild. They will bicker with each other but it stops just as quick as it started. No missing fins. No missing scales. Healthy and good eaters. I also had a surge damsel but it passed away earlier in the year. I think it was due to some stomach infection (purchased from divers den - not bagging on them but I missed something and its belly got larger and larger such that it stopped eating).

So damsels - beautiful. Fast. Always moving. Color. Bulletproof due to resiliency. This is why beginners get suckered into buying them. This is a hobbyist issue and not a damsel issue. Damsels are all of the above but require a properly setup aquarium to go along with the properly selected fish. Each fish needs its safety den. Its place to retreat, sleep, and chill. This requires a lot of rock work and a mature tank (corals) to break the chase. Understanding of the damsels natural habitat should also be considered (any fish for that matter we want to keep).

Again, no fish expert here but based on what I see the sapphire likes to dig and nest in caves. Sure enough fishbase says adults inhabit sandy area lagoon reefs and isolated rock/reef patches. Bingo - that is what mine do :) Setup a system that caters to the fish and problems are averted. No different than keeping Sea Goldies or similar hierarchy type social fish. I'll see if I can get a current video if not add one that I already have of mine.

I love damsels.

Edit: Here is my flock:

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My first tank in the 80’s I started with a domino damsel, 3 stripe damsel and an electric blue damsel. Those 3 fought so bad that I swore off damsels forever. That blue damsel was one of the most beautiful fish I’ve ever owned, I wish they were nice.

I would like to try a few of the calmer damsels but I’m am still traumatized by my first group🤣