Disease Free Beautiful Fish!


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I was honored with the ability to be the first to "test the waters" with ordering through HumbleFish Aquatics.

In April 2018, I ordered the two largest fish for my aquarium..
a Powder Blue Tang and a Yellow tang.

In June of 2018, I received the shipment from Bobby. This shipment was well packed and the fish were beautiful. I dropped them directly into my tank. Keep in mind, the significant quarantine process I had put my fish, coral, rock, etc through. I had the trust, given I learned my QT practices from Bobby, that his process was significantly more fine tuned than mine!

It has been over a year at this point and these two beautiful fish are still disease free and still get along well.

There is something to be said, when you buy QT'd fish and QT anything that goes into the tank, you'll never need to replace a fish again until old age sets in.


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Well, I can tell you, with the exclusion of a few jumpers before my net was installed, I have yet to lose a fish. *knock on wood*

This is vastly different than my first tank which I felt I was buying a new fish a month to replace one that "went missing" which I'm sure made the likelihood of disease greater ending in more casualties. I'm very happy that I am not replacing fish anymore.