Drop.6 Install

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Thanks @SantaMonica ! Received the unit and have put it in my corner overflow 3/13. I'll post updates here for the duration I have the unit in service.

I have the Drop.6 hooked up the a whisper air pump I had in my collection of unused aquarium supplies. The light is currently not on a timer, but I have a kasa smart plug I can use.

The black mesh screen is in place until I see some growth.

The aquarium is a 28 gal mature mixed reef with 4 small fish and collection of soft and spa corals. I currently have a fair amount of display algae happening. I am post 3wks from a 1/3 dosage Reefflux treatment. What I thought was bryopsis might actually be caulerpa. Either way, it's coming back. Sometime this weekend I'm going to pull the frag rock and manually remove what I can.

How long until I should see some growth in the drop.6? Is there anything to do to jumpstart? Attached a b&w pic because I tend to torture you guys with overly blue pics. 😂


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