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After the getting my last upgrade from a BioCube 16 led to a 40 gallon I thought I would be set for a while... Yea right!!! October 15th 2020 I saw a Free 100 gallon tank with stand and sump. After arguing with myself for a bit about how I didn't need a third tank I decided to reach out to the guy and get it.

It was delivered to me 10/25/20:

There it sat for over a month.... Little did I know that one of the most expensive things in life is a free tank.
I say it’ll be fine, it it’s not my house or floors that I have to pay for if the tank busts. That’s definitely a decision you’ll have to make for you.
We had something exactly like this in our original 250g and we decided to sell it and order a new one. Just didn't want it to fail on a tank that size but I still think it would have been fine in the long run...just didn't want to risk it.


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So I'm playing with the idea of scrapping this 100 tank and going with a 50 gallon low boy. I have two tanks in my house that are aquascaped and yea, do I really want a third. I really think I would get more joy out of a frag tank. I dont know....


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