First Order from Humblefish Aquatics!

Bri G

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Good Afternoon Everyone,

Just wanted to take a moment and thank Robert for quarantining a White Bristletooth Tang and Purple Tang for me. I received both fish today and they are absolutely stunning! They arrived safely and per Robert's directions I floated them both for thirty minutes and then placed them in their new home. As soon as I placed them in the tank they started exploring. Within an hour or so I fed them and both fish ate without any hesitation. I am beyond thrilled with the service and quality of fish that Robert offers. I only had one fish in the tank, a Melanurus Wrasse that I quarantined myself, even he loves the new additions. All three of them have been swimming together and everyone is getting along great. I highly recommend Humblefish Aquatics!
awesome.. im glad they are happy. I cant wait for my two tangs.