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Besides clowns I've also got grammas, damsels (and one suspected example of hybrid breeding) cardinals, dwarf angels, urchins and clams (turkey wing clams) breeding. Haven't attempted raising any fry though so have no advice except MArtin Moe has a good book for psuedochromis. Reason I know Turkey wing clams bred in one of my systems is I found a baby clam in the sump and it had been 22 months since I added anything.



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I haven’t bred my fish, per se, but my clowns do regularly spawn on my toadstool leather. I haven’t bothered to try to raise the fry, so they most likely end up in my sump, and maybe a few get eaten. I have thought about raising the fry, but haven’t done anything towards that goal yet.


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@andrewkw This is right up your alley :)


Not sure what will be next. Currently having trouble getting any new fish to survive qt. I do have Mandarins but even though I keep M/F together and they eat pellets, they show no desire to spawn. I do have a new male percula in qt so if he makes it then maybe they will be species 4 for me.

Fish breeders are mostly secretive weird people - not saying I'm not weird but I'm not secretive. I have threads on all of the above with success and failures. I will say it takes a certain kind of person to breed fish BUT anyone can breed one clutch of clownfish as long as you can commit to being home for a few months and buy the prepared stuff and just keep rotifers alive a couple of weeks.

If you like staying home and your reef tanks don't keep you busy enough maybe breeding is for you!
Just freshwater fish not saltwater.

Rainbow cichlids

Live bearers breed themselves but most fish will breed if paired up properly and given the right water params. Most fish can be raised on newly hatched BBS otherwise infusoria and small micro worms for small fry


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I will be closely monitoring this thread. I have bred plenty of Freshwater, but I'm brand new into this realm for saltwater, however it so far has been going well. I will share my experiences in the future when I feel like I have something more to offer.

For now I will absorb what I can and continue reading...

Clownfishes by Joyce Wilkerson
The Complete Illustrated Breeder's Guide To Marine Aquarium Fishes by Matthew Wittenbach and Martin Moe

These are incredibly valuable in my learning. They're like an automotive Hayne's Manual for Marine Aquarium Fish.