For those hoarding CP!


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oth medications can interact with other drugs and doses should be adjusted to account for drug interactions. Those with psoriasis should not take either drug, the CDC notes. In their current form, the drugs are also not safe for those with heart arrhythmia, or those with impaired kidneys or liver, the Times reported.
I guess that leaves me out of the loop if these drugs are found to be viable treatment options. I'm diabetic, suffer occasional heart arrhythmia, and was diagnosed with fatty liver disease. Oh well. I'm not going to sweat it. Life is too short to worry about that which I cannot change.

Thanks for the tip about the freezer, @Humblefish. I didn't know that!


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Well it happened...people are dying from self medicating with CP.

Probably overdosed. It's considered a "suicide drug" at dosages above 2 grams. A quick Google search would have probably saved their lives:



200g. That's a lot of quarantined fish :) I notice the exp date is January 2023. Interesting as that's same as the exp date on my 100g I got last June. I'll have to check the Lot No. on my package.