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Ladies and gentleman, I present you the staff members of Humble.Fish & Reef Community.

- These staff members do all the behind the scenes IT geeky stuff which powers the forum. Because they have access to everything, they can help you with almost any problem. Administrators are also the most senior leaders of the forum, so contact one of them for serious concerns or issues you are having with another member (for example).

Global Moderator
- Global Moderators can lock threads, move/edit posts, sticky threads and have other "front end access" throughout the forum. So, you can contact them for most forum related things you need done. They are also leaders of our forum, so please listen to them whenever they make a request of you.

Forum Moderator - Forum Moderators can lock threads, move/edit posts, sticky threads, etc. inside a specific forum. For example, the DIY or Seahorse sub-forum. They have specialized knowledge regarding the topic of the forum they moderate, and are in charge of running that sub-forum.

Community Ambassador
- These dedicated members help keep the forum fun & exciting by coordinating photo contests, raffles, giveaways and other community related projects.

Content Specialist
- These very knowledgeable members create specialized guides, stickies and other useful content for the forum.

Fish Disease Expert - These individuals have demonstrated strong knowledge when it comes to fish diseases & treatments. If you have a sick fish, please listen to one of them!

Administrators: @Humblefish @Jessican

Global Moderators: @DexterB @phatduckk

Forum Moderators:

@eatbreakfast - General Fish Discussion
@35ppt - Do It Yourself (DIY)
@eel_river_coral - 3D Printing, CNC Routing, & Laser Cutting
@GoldeneyeRet - Microscopy Discussion
@ichthyogeek - Macroalgae, Plants, & Sponges; Breeding & Live Food Cultivation
@KenB - Photography Discussion
@OZ_SPS - Small Polyp Stonies (SPS); Water Chemistry & Dosing; Coral Reservoir Bank; Giveaways
@samnaz - Hitchhikers & Critter ID; Pest Treatments
@SeahorseWhisperer - Seahorses & Pipefish
@Thales - Cephalopods

Community Ambassadors:
@OZ_SPS @Badilac @mattzang @oceanfrontinNE @Max_nano

Content Specialists: @35ppt @ichthyogeek

Fish Disease Experts:
@Humblefish @Dierks @Big G @EAChris @Pebbleofdoom @Jposch
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