Hybrid TTM to treat more parasites!

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Hello, I'm looking at getting a Mandarin and using ttm due to copper issues. I've never done ttm before but would like your opinion on my idea. If you need 4 transfers over 12/13 days could you set up 4 x 5 gal clear Rubbermaid containers each with their own heater, air stone, power head and the same new saltwater for each so sg is the same. I also have lr and cheato in my dt sump which I dump pods in there. I would take some lr and place a few pieces in each container so the Mandarin would have pods to hunt while he's in each container for the 3 days till the transfers are finished. Would this be a good idea?

Thanks in advance
After TTM'ing some dragonets, I recommend you do this. The fish were highly stressed throughout the period and while they pecked at the brine shrimp offered, I can't help but think that they would have done better if offered live pods. I would go so far as to even try to do pod cultures in the 5 gallon tanks, and then prior to transfer, doing a large water change in order to flush out the accummulated nitrates in the water.