Lanthanum chloride- phos rx

I've used it before. Like 3 drops.

Since dosing fluconaZole my po4 is .25. I wanted to drop it slowly to .1. I've read drop it in skimmer or 10 micron sock. I out my 10 micron sock in. And dropped 6 drops into my 110g water. But then remembered my skimmer is off due to fluconazole atleast for another day. The 10 micron sock is suppose to remove what it binds right? Or a skimmer is needed?


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10 micron or less. I use 10 micron socks when I dose. I’m pretty sure some gets pulled into my slimmer.

the other thing I’ve noticed with the socks I’ve used and washed several times, is that they don’t clog up as fast leading me to believe it’s getting past the filter sock (just something to keep an eye out for).
Well since I have explosion of ostreopsis Dino's now. I turned.on my skimmer and carbon. So I stopped the fluconazolw treatment so I shouldn't have an issue with po4 since the phos rx now has a skimmer and 10 micron sock in tank.


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i'm no expert, but dropping po4 doesn't seem like the answer during a fight with dinos. i'd stop doing all water changes and overfeed the fish. maybe a 3 day blackout too. i used h2o2 to fight mine off, but i'm not how effective that was as much as me letting nutrients go crazy and not doing water changes
I'm not trying to drop po4 to much. But .25 and climbing because GHA and bryopsis dieing is only gonna keep rising. So I gotta slowly keep it stable