man tragically dies of apparent palytoxin poisoning

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It says Texas which makes me wonder if a ton of Palys died in his tank with the power outage and therefor went into the water or maybe he was scrubbing dead ones off rocks or something.

I would get sick handling purple death Palys so I got rid of them. I do have some other kinds that don’t cause me issues but I know the concentration isn’t the same in all.


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I always think about the video that Julian Sprung did. “The power of palythoa” when I hear about things like this. It had to have been something major/extreme to really irritate them. Freezing temperatures of a tank very well could be the culprit. Who knows really. It’s always heartbreaking to hear of things like this. Being from Texas, I will say, it was the coldest weather I’ve ever seen here. Having lived in Lubbock all my life, we do get the occasional snow storm, but never consecutive temperatures like we got. It hasn’t been 0 degrees here since 1989. Lol!! It’s not uncommon for it to get in the teens, 20’s and 30’s here, but single digits aren’t super common. I know people are not geared for these type of events in this part of the US. Pretty soon I’ll be complaining about it being a 110 degrees outside.:ROFLMAO:. I was very fortunate to not lose power in my part of the city. I was tripping for sure. All I could think about was that high dollar yellow tang I have in Qt. Haha!!!