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Hi aQua peoples. I will document my 300g build here. the tank is 72x36x27. I'll be building a stand for it and it's going in one of my front rooms with a cement floor. I have no idea how thick the floor is or if it is going to hold. I was going to drill a hole in the floor and install a pool drain but I chickened out, decided to leave well enough alone. I had a 210 in there and it held fine, this tank is 12" wider so I'm hoping it will be good. the house was built in 1954 and there is no structural damage to the floor ie cracking. The room needed to be painted, which is in the works. Already done with 2nd coat of primer but it was wood paneling with brown oil paint up on the rafters, so there's some bleeding and I need to give it a couple more coats in some places. In addition to the painting, I will be doing the floor over. My wife says it has to be an epoxy floor so that is what is happening - haven't ripped up the carpet yet but did peek under there. Personally, I would have gone with stamped concrete but epoxy might actually be less work for me so I'm good with it.

I have a lot of photos on my progression but I'm not going to bore you or copy and paste the build thread from my local reef club page. I'm pretty early in the build and will post pictures as I progress.

The tank will be a peninsula, one side of the stand will have a 16" ledge. that will be for drinking eating or standing on when servicing, the other side will have a much smaller ledge and that will be to hold beers and drinks filled with hard liquors. The stand will be doubled up 2x6s on top frame, bottom frame, legs and braces. I'll build a wall into the sump to separate the electrical cabinet from the wet side. I haven't decided the height of the stand but the tank is low at 27".

I've removed the weirs from the tank and will run a 1" closed loop in the 4 pre drilled holes. I will not drill anymore holes in the bottom pane as it is 19mm glass. I plan on using the reef octopus bulkheads, they are not exactly schedule 80 but a bit beefier than schedule 40. I would only get 3/4 in there if I used true schedule 80 bulkheads. I will install an external overflow box on the short side of the tank closer to the wall - overflow box will have normal bulkheads as they are easier to service. I have a marine depot elite overflow box large, but it's too small. I saw the one I want but I don't remember the name. I have a 45 gallon acrylic sump with refugium I'll be putting in and run a second skimmer in a 10 gallon tank. I do not believe in big sumps and I get a lot of slack for it everywhere I post so maybe you guys can save it cause I already heard it all. I may go with an ATO and just fill the refugium with brightwell bricks and plates, I usually pack my sumps to the brim with bricks and bags of biomedia. I'd also like to keep my reservoir in the stand as well. I did get permission to use a pantry as a water closet and was planning on having a vertical mixing station but we'll see.

The tank will likely be bare bottom with a sheet of textured abs tacked to the bottom. I have 2 large pieces of some pretty nice shelf rock, big old piece of tonga with a decent size branch and some more really nice rock. All of it is outside sitting in a 150 gallon rubbermaid tub I have so this will really be a new start. I may grab one or two pieces out of my current tank but that tank will eventually be torn down.
Tank is low at 27? That's tall lol. Most are 24" tops. I'm following as this is exact dimensions and a peninsula like I plan on future. 72x36. Except 20 tall. Can't wait to see it in place.