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Well I figured I would start up a thread so I could track my SPS journey

To Start, I like to tinker, so to keep my mind satisfied, I always come up with new ways to automate the tank. When I started this journey three years ago, it was with a 29g tall fish only tank. With this setup came the purchase of an Apex. I immediately fell in love with the automation side of this hobby that most everything I add or expand today must first meet the "Can I automate" requirement is can I automate it?

My next steps in this is to setup a full on frag system in the garage, when I start, I will begin adding to this thread.

My system details are:
Started May-2021
Display: 110G
QT: 40g breeder always running
Sump: 40g Breeder w/ JacksRacks Triton baffle kit
Circulation: 2 mp40s QD, 2 Nero 5
Return pump: Cor20
Lights: 2 Orphek Icons, 2 OR2 Blue Sky Bars
Skimmer: Simplicity 120 w/ Avast Marine neck cleaner and locker
UV: 25w Aqua Ultraviolet powered with a Cor15
Triton Method: 4 part dosing plus daily dosing of trace elements
Refugium: Main source of nutrient export
Carbon: Use aquachar and sometimes BRS ROX carbon
GFO: When I need to use GFO, I have a rowaphos on hand
Temp control: 1 heater (200 watt) and chiller
Control: apex for temp control, power on off control, I'm a control freak, everything is automated

Trident - Alk, CA, Mg
Salifert - PO4
Hanna - no3, po4, copper, Alk
ICP every other month and Ndoc quarterly


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Very cool, surprised you need a chiller. Is that due to it being located in the garage?
No just the chiller is located in the garage at the moment Here is Sacramento, it gets hot many days of the year. If I don't run a chiller or fans, the tank easily reaches 81-82.