Najer's Zen twins and baby puddle.

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The new fish is very distracting, it has chosen the centre scape to hang out under the plate rock so I can see it most of the day but not to get pics of, chilling in it's cave. :)

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It is in this pic but very hard to make out, below the cabbage and right a touch is the cave from my desk end view and the above is from the front.

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Three new montis and some giant palys in a line up the middle, not sure about this?!
I didn't want it as I heard they are tricky but the three are replacements for the first three I tried that came with added nudis.

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I love not running blues, with my old iphone 7. ;)


In it's cave.

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Super neon green and I chipped the right edge trying to get it off the plug, it has healed nearly in about 48 hours, these were yesterday.

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It has 7 cabbage corals to flit around to, this is it's main home. ;)

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My girl. :)

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Waiting for breakfast.

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Not sure what flavour they are so just grandis to me, there are about 8 there and I have three more frags that I need to glue down so they are chilling in the cube end. ;)

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Monti three also not looking great.

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Thanks for the above, I had to interact with the brother I do deal with today, no idea if the other one is alive or not, no interest, messed my day up completely but a sub one minute phone call cut him off, I interact with my daughter on my property and in my house and the fish, my big boy.

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