New look QTs


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Wow! Very impressive how pristine your QT room is. In addition to the fish being calmer in a more natural environment, it is less stressful for person doing QT process. This looks like a big game changer. You see a lot of posts on forums, where people are tempted to rush/cut short QT because fish are stressed. Great video!


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That room is sweet!!!. That little blue tang is is pretty! So bright.

I'm glad sand is becoming allowed.

Me and the girl went to a lfs just to browse. At coral for ideas and motivation. They had like 10 blue tangs a s the color wasnt there. They were so dull it was terrible.


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Also does the sand continue to use copper or it's just a initial consumption so if I sit for say a few weeks will it no longer consume copper and it will be consistent. Or it's a constant slowww drop


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i used pure silica sand vs Bobby uses aragonite. He saw a little drop initially then it leveled out and stayed there.
Pure silica sand is very fine and does not absorb copper. i saw a very minute drop which honestly could be Hanna checker noise.
Drawback to using silica sand id being so fine new guys can take some sand grains on fish skin as ich or disease etc.


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For tangs do u use just a clip like two little fishies magnet clip or they have a pouch screen that nori sits in and they pick it out I guess so nori doesnt go flying everywhere when they bite it. Wondering which one to have on hand


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I see my fish in there :) Finally taking a vacation day to be done with figuring out when to swing by and left you a VM.