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Positive: Purple Tang since 1994, Yellow Tang since 2007, Palau Green Finger, Sinularia foliata, since 1997, Xenia since late 90s.

Negative: Xenia since late 90s :D (Honestly, I don't really think of Xenia as a negative, it's just more labor intensive to maintain than most other corals.)

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Positive: I recently fragged an acro and it’s been quickly growing upwards from the spot I cut and has been showing lots of polyp extension

Negative: some of my Goni have not been doing well. The red one has not extended in awhile and the pink one has lots polyps. However there are some Goni in the tank that are doing fine. The challenge of mixed reef…

Good question @Lachri! I’m looking forward to seeing the photos people post


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Positive, my tank in general. I’m fairly happy with it

One big negative for me recently was trying to deal with an invasive purple star polyp. I went chemical on it and dosed fenbendazole in my reef. It has worked surprisingly well, but unfortunately early on in the dosing, it caused the deaths of 4 fish. So the fenbend seems to be working, but it was definitely a steep initial cost. I’m hoping I’m at the end and can start running carbon to remove it from my display tank water soon. This is just about what my whole tank looked like. It was not pretty. It was smothering my corals.


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Positive: My tank never grows algae

Negative: It can't grow algae. There's something wrong with the chemistry and I can't figure it out. ICP tests always normal. I can't grow chaeto, and my phosphate and nitrate is horrible. Corals also dying. This tanks over a year old and has been a never ending nightmare of trying to get it to even support life and I have no idea why. I have like 10 other tanks. Just this one...


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Positive, some of my acros that lost color/greened out are starting to return to normal, like this pink Cadillac

negative, others are still all bubbly and weird like my Walt disney. I’ve yet to find a concrete answer. Closest I’ve come is some post-stressor infection.



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My positive is the serious lack of overgrowing algae! I spent the better part of a year scrubbing GHA for 3 hours once a week to keep it from being too long for CUC to eat it. Now, it hardly has any patches that get too long for critters to eat. I think I have a decent CUC now too that is pretty balanced. It felt like I spent the last year trying to get enough through QT to put a dent in my algae issues. I'm also happy with the coral growth lately.

My negative is that I'm starting to see a new baby aptasia or two each week. F aptasia works great but I'm guessing there is a bigger one (or more) hiding somewhere I've not found yet. I need to go on a hunt. If there are any in those caves, I'm not going to be able to reach them with the F aptasia.

Here is one of the little boogers smothered with f aptasia from this week. I just ordered 3 more 1oz bottles because the 2oz keep drying out on me.


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My new tank is growing exponentially faster with the more space/flow/water volume provided

My cable management is a freaking nightmare and I'm thinking about swapping my sump, again. No photos because you'd call the police.