QT of fish disease in coral


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Not specifically fish qt related, but kind of.

I've always read to QT coral for 75 days to ensure no fish parasite is on the coral. However, if you dip the coral in bayer or some other coral dip, woudln't that kill fish parasites or are fish parasite egg's also protected from these dips like they are from copper?


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Bayer (and other coral dips) might kill any free swimmers that are loosely attached. However, tomonts (which encyst to corals and inverts) are much harder to kill due to the cyst which forms around them. Copper can't kill tomonts; it actually takes 60 ppm chlorine 24 hours to completely eradicate all tomonts in an aquarium. :eek:


Source (Table 2): https://edis.ifas.ufl.edu/fa164