Red Tail Tamarine Wrasse QT


Fish arrived from LA this morning. I just happened to test the salinity of the bag. It tested at 25ppm. My QT was at 31ppm. So I removed water from QT to use for acclimation + additional thrown out to reduce. Final QT salinity 29.5 PPM, Final acclimation salinity 28.9 PPM.

Fresh out of the bag

Methelyne blue + ammonia binder + air bubbler

Same just further along

Into the QT tank.

My plan is to turn off the top off pump and let the salinity and Cu level rise due to evaporation (1L/day approx) over the next several days. Once the salinity reaches 33ppm I will begin dosing Cu to get to therapeutic level.

So far they both seemed relaxed although have not shown any interest for NYOS golden pods but really wasn't expecting them to jump and beg for food at this point.
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The cleaner wrasse is definitely feeding out of the water column on PE calanus. The tamarin does show some interest and darts around some and I think is eating. Kind of hard to see.

I'm using a mix of PE Calanus, Hikary (Mega-Marine, Mysis and Spirulina Brine) mixed with SELCO boost, Selcon, General Cure and using Focus to bind it.
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It’s a slurry but best I can tell it’s the spirulina brine and mysis.

doesn’t seem real interested in the smaller stuff. Although the cleaner wrasse goes nuts for live baby brine.


Some updates. I picked up a lineatus wrasse yesterday.

Also noticed that the cleaner wasn't out and about with the Tamarin yesteday morning. I did get him to come out and he started swimming around. Had no interest in food and ended up going back to his hiding spot.

Today the lineatus and tamarin are out swimming and eating.

But the cleaner wrasse croaked. Not sure why.

I haven't started bumping the salinity and copper yet since I found a lineatus locally I wanted to add, so I doubt its related to that.


Whelp wrasse quit eating once I reached therapeutic level on my copper. 😞 Didn’t notice for several days.

Even though I took 5 days to get to therapeutic level.

So I took him out and put in observation tank that has rock& sand. Also added live amphipods yesterday. He seemed to go after a few.

Still doesn’t seem interested in frozen foods anymore. He will take one or two pieces but spits them back out now.

Mix of mysis, brine, reef caviar and a few others+garlic,selcon,selco.


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i did have moderate luck with masstick and live blackworms with my china wrasse. although mine decided to eventually stop eating anything, but worth a shot